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created:867 days ago
karma: 1437
about: Grizzled Software Engineer

I know a thing or two about:

    - software engineering
    - solving tricky problems
    - building scalable systems
    - devops 
Familiar with:

    - many languages
    - many tools 

    - employee of Chef (née Opscode) 
    - professional software and systems development since 1996.   
    - available on a very limited basis for consulting engagements.  I can help solve your problems, be they process or technology.
My web site is http://marcparadise.com/. I almost never post there, though I keep having a vague thought that I should...

Contact me @gmail.com, prefixed with my full name from my URL above.

Now accepting tips: DG98wzP59EdZcSpLnQBfYLzwxzWya1CpHX