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created:2924 days ago
karma: 36739
about: I have a hundred startup-related projects. I am trying to narrow them down. Here are a few.

Like beautiful pictures for your desktop? Buy a dozen and help out a startup: http://bit.ly/1ef24je

My news aggregator: http://newspaper23.com/

My publishing company specializing in Lean, Agile, Scrum, Lean startup: http://tiny-giant-books.com/

Unofficial HN hacker library: http://hn-books.com

My Facebook page for libertarian/security state news: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Freedom-or-Safety/405551942874575

Contact Me! I'm always interested in what the HN community is doing.

G+: https://plus.google.com/111016179271776331454 Twitter: danielbmarkham Personal blog: http://www.WhatToFix.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/danielbmarkham Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/danielbmarkham/ DanielBMarkham @ Hotmail.com DanielBMarkham @ Gmail.com

Who am I?

Aviation, Science, Technology, Philosophy, Politics, Startups, Pseudo-Science, Music (all kinds), Hiking, Photography, Blogging, Movies, Space, Astronomy

If you're interested in my credentials, here they are: 25+ as a consultant programming/hacking/architecting in just about everything that's popular (except very little Java). Once I "made it through the ranks" of programmers, pm and tech leads, got into mentoring and coaching small teams. For the last several years my day job has been as an Agile Coach, author, and speaker. My passion, however, is startups, and after several years of reading all I could and participating on HN I have deployed dozens of ideas and am making some money on a few of them. In the area of programming I feel fairly competent. In systems of people and how they work together I'm mostly capable due to lots of reading and practical experience. In startups I know enough to repeat things I've read and feebly try to draw some conclusions.

Would love to make new connections in the hacker community! Note that on LinkedIn I try to only accept people that I have known/worked with for a year or more.