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created:July 25, 2010
karma: 853
about: Hi! I'm a web developer living in Toronto. I found HackerNews by accident and have been completely blown away and inspired ever since.

I love the startup news, the weekend projects that do cool stuff, and the overall "ethic" of the place.

I've done a few small projects recently, I keep knocking them out in order to try and find that thing that will "stick" (or just to have a bit of fun).

Here are some recent ones: http://fstr.net http://onemorelike.com http://itsalldiet.com http://chesser.ca

I used to be a high school teacher. Worked for five years in the United Kingdom teaching the little mytes. It was wonderfully fulfilling.

I'd love to write a film one day. Maybe I should spend my time doing that rather than all these little web projects .. they're fun too and I can see the results faster :)

alex dot chesser at gmail dot com