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It is as old as MMORPGs, at least. In 2001 you couldn't play Ultima Online like you did in 1998.

I once worked in a lab where all computers had its own electrical stabilizer, but they were so poor that probably they did more harm than good. When someone turned on a stabilizer, the nearest CRT monitors would distort for a second, then flicker and colors would be degraded.

Luckily, my place was by the wall, so the effect was diminished, but it gave me big headaches. I lasted only 6 months in that company this being the biggest reason.

The stabilizer was triggering the degausser on the CRT. Turning on speakers or putting cellphones where a call was coming in would sometimes do this too.

It got better, with containers.

Where I worked containers just gave the data scientists superpowers at finding corrupted Python runtimes. I don't know where they got one that had a Hungarian default charset, but they did.

I, myself, fell for that... :(

It’s totally a systemic problem, that’s it. Same thing with me. I love teaching, I just can’t stand the faculty anymore.

I love Numbers and haven’t been able to find an easy and convenient replacement for it since I left macOS :(

It’s blended spreadsheeting with presentation in a free infinite canvas is the best notebook app I’ve met.

Have you tried the web version? I've never used the full OS X version, so I can't compare.

Yes, and it is not bad, but nowhere as smooth as the macOS app.

I do the same with my parents in law, and it’s been like 8 years without call for maintenance, if not for the very rare Ubuntu upgrade.

Seems like the same as in multithreaded programming, in which you can’t let threads share memory without synchronizing else you get data races and corruption.

it's more like two simple computers talking over serial, and the serial connection bitrate can't be faster than the clock of the slowest of the two computers.

Yep! The microcontroller reference manual is full of warnings to ensure clock rates are compatible by being within a certain range of each other.

The best term to describe this kind of generators is procedural content generation, or just PCG.

sure, but I didn't want to change the title a lot, just to prevent any wild and crazy misunderstandings.

Win95 S/R2 worked pretty well.

Win95 OSR2

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