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I usually just tell recruiter[N] that I'm not interested but I know a great developer, recruiter[N-1], who is a perfect candidate.

Use mod_security as most Apache installs already have it enabled and it achieves the same thing.

This is great. I wonder how long til the node community "discovers" that using a dedicated httpd and communicating over a standardized middleware (fcgi, wsgi, rack, etc) is also a superior approach instead of handling http directly.

FastCGI, really?

And Node has the equivalent of WSGI and Rack: Connect/Express middleware.

for such a smug comment you don't seem to know much about node.

Houses also don't contain the private information of countless other people. Any company with users will be constantly under attack by the bad guys so it's in everyone's best interest that those companies have strong locks in place.

Windows user for 20+ years. I've never heard of Ninite.

I haven't touched windows in close to 5 years but it's pretty awesome for when you are rebuilding a machine and want to install a bunch of core utils/programs all in one go.

Couldn't agree more. As someone how sets up computers for family members, simplifying the process to Install Windows>Update>Run Ninite>DONE is a massive timesaver.

It's a bit like a package manager. You tick all the things you want to install, and it'll install them with sensible defaults and no prompts.

Yeah, it seems like neat software. I guess I've just become so ingrained in my ways that upon getting a new install setup, I install the same ~7 applications and I'm done. Never even thought to seek out a package manager for Windows.

Oh. At first glance I thought this was simply a text editor that was actually usable on a phone/tablet. Maybe one day...


I think you're going to need a hardware solution for that problem. No amount of software will ever overcome the fact that touch screens are not efficient input devices.


Touch screens are much more efficient that keyboard and mice for some types of input (not for others: e.g. typing). Not only that, the intuitiveness of an obvious "hands-on" touch-screen interface allows toddlers to learn to use it before they even learn to speak (I've seen it first hand, as I guess many others must have). I believe there are forms of programming that can be done better with a touch-based interface. It's just that programming languages and tools have to evolve until we get there. When we get there, I believe it will mostly obliterate the current approaches to programming, the same way we're not entering machine code manually through a front-mounted panel with LEDs, or writing assembly language. Of course some exceptions always remain.


Don't you think having your hands in front of the screen is inherently problematic? It's hard to image where that would enhance efficiency.


Input of Chinese/Japanese characters.


Being able to draw enhances that. Having your fingers in the way does not. That's a use case for a stylus or a pen, as they don't block your vision nearly as much as a hand does.


No way. Nobody is going to take my keyboard away and have me poking one finger around on a smudgy screen, and still call it programming. So many ways that is worse. Pipe dream.


I know right? Touch screens are just perfect for finger painting. Still, I prefer an Etch-a-Sketch if rectilinear lines are required.


AirBNB is a very small part of the housing problem in Portland. As of 4/30/2015, Portland area had 1,110 properties categorized as "Entire home/apt". That same metric was 814 on 4/30/2014. Portland also has legislation specifically for AirBNB (they have to register with the city, pay taxes and get a "less than 30 days" lodging permit).

The primary housing problem here is an influx of people from more-expensive cities (LA, SF, Seattle, NYC) moving in and snapping up homes to actually live in. Meanwhile the city is making it difficult for developers to add any real housing density within the Urban Growth Boundary (and instead are thinking about expanding the UGB. Ugh.).

So there's no real "problem" aside from Portland is a desirable city to live in and people are flocking to here.


Can you share any feedback on the demographics of subscribers who successfully convert via paywalls? I'm curious how well it works with the 18-25 and 26-35 demos. Obviously this is a bit of an echo chamber here but I think a lot of us become annoyed and mentally boycott those sites instead of succumbing to pressure and paying.

Have you ever considered doing cross-promotions through other channels, such as the ability to round-up my Starbucks purchases and have the excess go toward a subscription?


So build the alternative. Build a way for consumers to make bids/offers (put the money in escrow) and allow verified dealers to bid for your offer. You want a 2010 Honda Accord for $8500? Put up the cash and let reputable dealers compete.


This is a good parallel to "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" by Ben Horowitz. Covers a lot of the same material but gives more background on Marc.



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