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FezVrasta - Nice work!

I'm curious about your choice of license[0]. I've been considering the use of a non-commercial license for a project I'm working on. Would you mind discussing:

1. Your motivation for the choice. Is it to prevent people from reselling the theme?

2. The impact, if any, that the choice has had on adoption. With the popularity of the project, it doesn’t seem to be an issue. In your experience are users not using your project to built commercial application? Or are they violation the terms (un)intentionally?

3. Your longterm objectives for the project. Do you plan on making this into a business by selling commercial licenses? Do you plan on having a standard commercial license fee, or do you believe it works better to negotiate each license independently?


0: https://github.com/FezVrasta/bootstrap-material-design/blob/...

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Yeah, I really love this project, but I have to say I generally avoid using non-free libraries when developing[0]. (To give one specific use case: if I would like to create a FOSS website, this means that I cannot use this library and provide the whole result under a single free license.)

That aside, this looks really well-done! I already have a lot of sites built around Bootstrap, so I may give this a test drive later today.

[0] Free-as-in-freedom, which includes the freedom to use software for any purpose (so a non-commercial use requirement makes the software non-free).



1. I've used this license because I wanted to give something for free for people that was looking for this kind of theme. The restriction about commercial projects is because I don't want people to resell my theme and because I think that if someone is going to earn something using my work I should get something in exchange.

2. This license seems not a problem, users use it anyway following the terms.

3. Usually I negotiate individually.


Yes, React components have a special `this.props.children` property [0]. Which works similarly to web components's <content/>.

The current implementation of `LeftNav` doesn't allow for this, but it would be easy to add.

0: http://facebook.github.io/react/docs/multiple-components.htm...


I don't believe Meteor has two-way data binding. You have to update the model manually using events[0].

0: https://docs.meteor.com/#/full/eventmaps


Two way data-bindings are not a Core feature and they are implemented in packages. My favorite one is this: http://viewmodel.meteor.com/



Google Cached: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:VI0ttG...

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe10ExwzCqk


Is Vimeo a good alternative, or is it also blocked?


Vimeo is terribly slow, at least from here in India.


Before making the switch you might consider https://uploadcare.com

Benefits of UploadCare:

- Free Tier includes cropping and S3 storage

- Better UI

- Better API (cropping doesn't require a query string which breaks cacheing on some proxies)

Disclaimer: I haven't used UploadCare nor am I affiliated with them


You might want to try Vintageous[0], It improves the native "Vintage" mode and adds things like vim-style searching and multiple cursors support. If you are addicted to NERDTree like I was, here are some custom keymapping[1] that will allow you to navigate the sidebar using the keyboard.

ctrl+h ctrl+h - takes you to the sidebar where you can navigate using j, k, h, l

ctrl+h - move to pane to the left

ctrl+l - move to pane to the right

ctrl+shift+h - move and create pane to the right

ctrl+shift+l - move and create pane to the left

.. and a few others

0: https://github.com/guillermooo/Vintageous/ 1: https://github.com/kylefinley/dotfiles/blob/master/sublime/U...

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I suspect that's intentional; older items are less likely to be cached.


I second slate, it's been a hugh time saver. Here's the url for those that are interested.

https://github.com/jigish/slate - It's free and open source.


If you are just staring with VIM, I recommend taking a look at spf13-vim (https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim)


I have been using vi/vim since 1989, and I found spf13 to be a totally frustrating experience. Twice I tried it out and quit. It messes with settings of neocomplcache (issues reported and verified with authors), it installs plugins like autocomplete (??) which can also be frustrating. I had hunt through the source of some 20 or more plugins to figure out the offending ones and remove them.

However, that's just my experience. I'd suggest he try a clean vim and add plugins as he needs them. There are plenty of links suggesting great plugins for developers. "sjl" (steve losh) has an article which was linked here (Coming Home to Vim) that mentions some good plugins.


The reason that I suggest spf13, is because it shows what's possible. I spent nearly a year building up a set of plugins and settings only to discover that 95% of what I had "discovered" was included.

I'm sure it has it's problems, but you can easily remove all of the included bundles. I think at the very least it provides a well structured foundation to built upon.


Thanks for the tips!

I've been studying other's .vimrc files in an effort to understand what all vim vanilla is capable of. Once I get that dialed in, I'll look into plugins for my local box; I just want to make sure that I can use it effectively just by firing up any new VM.

Also, I'm being sacrilegious and setting myself up for primarily --INSERT-- mode, since its the most like a GUI text editor. Its making the barrier of entry slightly more endurable!


Sooner or later someone is going to tell you to put this in your .vimrc:

    inoremap  <Up>     <NOP>
    inoremap  <Down>   <NOP>
    inoremap  <Left>   <NOP>
    inoremap  <Right>  <NOP>
    noremap   <Up>     <NOP>
    noremap   <Down>   <NOP>
    noremap   <Left>   <NOP>
    noremap   <Right>  <NOP>
This will get you to stop using the arrow keys for moving around, use either hjkl, or faster combinations such as "f" "t". Hope you get out of insert mode soon!



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