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Uhhh. this is the first time i see anything about Indinero but it looks like they lifted our web design almost verbatim:

check out the original: http://www.shopify.com/tour/ and theirs: https://indinero.com/tour .

All other pages are similar in the same way.

Flattering for sure but come on.

Not that I condone copying, but if you can't beat them, then join them (unless they have a copyright or patent).

Shameful. The cofounder has spoken at TED to boot. You'd think that type of person would know better.

Yep, we made a mistake. And we acknowledge it.

How could this have come about?

Was it that you guys didn't do the design at all and someone else lifted it in your name?

Or did you guys go ahead and think "we'll wait till we're called out, and in all likelihood we'd be famous enough then to afford a replacement"?

you know how it is, you start coding, with a photoshop template up, then by mistake you hit alt tab and go to another site, and you are so busy that you don't notice that you started copying another design.

that's what all nighters get you

Did you really make a mistake? This is really not that big of a deal. The graphics are original, the CSS is original, the copy... it's not even in the same industry. Yeah the general feel is similar but who cares.

Besides, the Shopify website doesn't have an exactly stunningly original design. I could accuse Shopify of ripping off Envato's old website (http://www.myinkblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/envato.p...) but that would just be pointless.

Most of us will jack a copy of Hannah Montana's latest album without a second thought then get our panties in a wad when someone vaguely emulates a design.

EDIT: never mind, missed your other comment below.

Unrelated but thanks for Delayed::Job, much appreciated. -fellows rails dev

While we're on that subject though, thanks for Liquid and ActiveMerchant. You guys have no idea how awesome you are. (Okay maybe you do) - another fellow rails dev.

wow, thank you so much guys.

no, thank you!

Homepage too;


I don't condone copying either but - in all honesty if you search the web I'm pretty sure you'll find at least 10 sites with similar layout.

The design on shopify is not exactly ground braking.

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