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Or if you use a continuously-fading color in the CSS for your extension (e.g. Rainbow selection), it'll eat 100% of one core just to change the background color on some text. It's a fun extension, but when my fan spins up because I forgot to deselect before switching windows, it kinda makes it less fun.

Hi there. I'm the author of that admittedly ridiculous and unnecessary extension :)

"Extension" should probably be in scare quotes because the implementation is literally just CSS animation: https://github.com/dmnd/rainbow-selection/blob/master/styles...

There's no good reason such an animation should be taxing your machine. It works fine on my MacBook Pro. But someone else reported this issue too: https://github.com/dmnd/rainbow-selection/issues/3

If you're interested in working out what's going on, please respond to that github issue. I understand if you don't want to spend time on such a trivial thing. But you spent the time to write this comment, so I figured maybe you're interested :)

so cool, installed immediately

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