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I would love to read about your experiences building the site using Common Lisp. I have tinkered with CL for about a year but gradually abandoned due to (mostly) lack of effort on my side to learn how to do things idiomatically, and not just coding but communicating with the community, locating libraries and evaluating their usefulness/maturity, etc.

Thanks for the interest old-gregg. I have a series of blog posts planned that can help answer those sort of questions. I'll try to publish them over the next week or two. The general topics I had in mind were:

-Why Lisp

-Overall architecture

-Deployment Specifics (libraries, source control, control scripts, etc). This stuff is pretty annoying to figure out on your own - I was lucky enough to learn in person from a great Lisp hacker at a previous job.

Is there anything else you'd be interested in?

Yes, and I'm sure not only me. I have bookmarked your HN profile page! :)

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