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Agar.io (agar.io)
528 points by primigenus on Apr 30, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 219 comments

Dev here, feel free to ask me questions.

I think there ought to be a mechanism to make it hard to stay huge. I've been in a couple of realms where there are 2 or 3 behemoths just kind of floating around that are impossible to get rid of. I see that you drop off the leaderboard if you don't stay active but there should be a physical mechanism as well IMO - like maybe you gradually shrink over time.

There are green spiky cells that split you into about 10 cells if you are large and touch them. I've seen players fall off of the leaderboard due to accidentally touching them.

Ah I didn't realize they split you if you're large. Still though, my primary annoyance is large cells that just don't move anywhere.

Just like the time for the cells to merge increases with your size, the cells also lose mass at a given rate depending on their size. The only way I have found to circumvent this is to stay divided at super sizes so I'm not losing 1k mass because I can't catch anyone. For those cells not moving, just let them starve until they return to normal sizes.

I think cells losing mass is a new feature, or at least I definitely didn't notice that when I posted my comment a few weeks ago - maybe they took my suggestion :)

If you get big enough that you are subdivided and your subdivided cells are significantly bigger than the spiky circles, you can eat them!

Feature requests: choose the server (to play with friends), see map borders, super fast mode (twice the speed for everyone)

Great game!

At the moment you can use a trick to play with your friends (that's what I'm doing): For each player, redirect m.agar.io to your own server (/etc/hosts), which serves a static file with the gameserver location (which you get from the original m.agar.io). Then reload the game until you're in the same realm. Don't forget to set the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.

Could you go into more depth on how to do this? How would one force redirect m.agar.io to the server of your choice? Also, what is "Access-Control-Allow-Origin header"?

+1 for visible borders. How about power ups of some kind? Maybe a speed burst that shrinks you, for example?

Just wanted to commend you on game design. It feels really balanced, and somehow it keeps the game interesting even after a _long_ time playing.

What I didn't understand is why it would disconnect me sometimes out of nowhere and reconnect me into another realm. It happened twice or thrice when I was on the leaderboard.

What dev stack did you use? Do you have a blog post with your math models for growing, speed, zoom, etc?

The servers restart periodically to apply updates.

I've already answered somewhere in here what it's written in.

I didn't write any math model, I just wrote whatever felt right.

Why did you ruin my day? I had things to do!!!

Awesome game, our productivity has dropped massively since I sent it around the office. Any plans to invite people to the room you're in?

Eventually. Unfortunately not the priority at the moment. You can look at the scoreboard to see if you're in the same server, though.

How many different 'servers' or relms are there? Care to comment on how many concurrents any one can handle?

There are 12 "servers" at the moment (divided among some regions, I think 6 for europe). But each server can host several realms, so I'm not quite sure how many realms are there, but at the very least 12 (probably 30 or more, though). A server can handle up to around 200 players (I don't know the exact number, the CPU is the limit).

I only notice about 50 people at once in most servers. When there is one big behemoth at least twice the size of the one in 2nd in the leaderboard, most people simply RQ.

I'm interested in how you made to balance the game? have you? or was it more of an emergent rule on itself?

Can you describe server side technology? How many servers are there? How many players do you handle per server?

The server is written in C++ with libuv to abstract networking (since I test it on windows but the servers run on linux).

See my reply to madeofpalk for the other 2 answers.

Why the decision to use C++ instead of NodeJS?

The main limitation on a server capacity is CPU

Probably speed.

Think that part of it is that only one process or thread can run at any given time in node. So, if you have a complicated multiplayer server, subroutines will start getting blocked.

Is it signifiant? I haven't even thought to lookup benchmarks.

This game is so addictive that should be illegal. Great job!

Can you add a chat? Something like http://tagpro.gg 's chat (doesn't get in the way and disappears after a minute). I really love the game, though! :-)

I played for several hours this morning. It seems playing cautiously and defensively is the best strategy. But splitting frequently and being aggressive is a lot more fun. Maybe adjust the balance to reward aggression more?

I'd like to let a 7 year old I know play, but then she might learn how to spell swear words. Is that the worst that can happen? Haven't seen any porn blobs yet.

cool I just noticed you can turn off skins and names.

Yeah I just added it :)

Brilliant - great concept and good execution. Awesome job duder.

Doyou have any other fun multiplayer games?

How do I add custom skins? Like those people called France with a France flag image :)

Have you tried taking their names? They are not actual bots. They are images provided by the game when you take them, even from popular references like 9gag or Steam.

Since Pokémon and Mario are widely popular games, how about some skins for them?

What's up with the statement about ad-blocking? Are ads part of the game or are you just trying to convince users to expose their browser to global malware and exploit delivery?

I have 18 servers running for this game at the moment. If you want to write me a check to pay for all of them, I'll give you my address.

I'm curious--do you really make enough from ads on this game to pay for all of the servers? I turned off ad blockers and didn't even see an ad.

So, are ads actually used in the game or not though?

There was no information on where to send a check, but I certainly would prefer that option over anything ad-supported.

Great game! Feature request: please add chat

Please don't. It will be filled with rage. ;-)

Emojis or pre-generated text like "close one" would be nice. I think full chat would be too much.

yesss -- they can be triggered with the keyboard, and displayed as the bubble face!!

I ate "Russia", who was trying to eat "Putin". Then "Putin" ate me. This is so wrong but extremely addicting. http://i.imgur.com/oS7Ayl2.png

After reading your comment I expected that the game will be some kind of countryball/landball meme spin-off :)

Trying setting "Poland" as your name

"T_D_S P_T_S" ("all bitches" in spanish) ate "8====D" with "aids" watching it all...


Lol, I was "Oxygen" and ate a pair of "Hydrogen".

While looking at the js source code and modifying it a bit I was able to program keys W A S D to move my cell around. But it doesn't work after a bit. The protocol is send the position of the mouse (which corresponds to the cell) to the server and then it calculates change over time to get a velocity. So if I move too much it starts going forever in one direction. Although this is using a quad tree implementation for collision detection the actual detection seems to be done on the server side and not the client. There is no websocket message to tell the server if you collided with another cell or if you "ate" some of the material that makes the cell grow. This is actually my goal in "hacking" the game was to pop to different locations to get as big as possible.

Also like everyone else I get connection errors. It's actually quite interesting. It appears this game is load balanced between three or four servers. The script makes a request to http://m.agar.io/?_=<timestamp> which returns the IP of a server used to initiate a websocket. It changes each time you refresh it.

Only sending input? That's great networking design!

Yeah I know right. No wonder this game crashes. When you press the space bar it sends a message, when you move your mouse it sends a message. The message is in function U() (its the Y position, X position and some other value I've confirmed its not magnitude don't really know what it does). As soon as the connection is established it starts sending, although if you don't move the mouse it doesn't send a message. Then there is a message to update the players view of the game.

I wasn't sarcastic! It's actually very good practice...

But wouldn't it be more efficient to calculate the velocity on the client side then only send changes to the vector?

Absolutely, I'm still waiting for my bank to let me modify the money in my account client-side, that way they'll have to do a lot less computing!

I swear I'll never send the server anything dishonest, like say owning a billion dollars. :)


But then you'd still be computing the velocity on the server side, only now you're checking if the reported velocity is legitimate or not.


Client-side computing exists, but only to present a fake state which doesn't affect the game mechanics but only servers a cosmetic function to bridge the time until the server updates the client with the actual data (on which any essential game mechanics are based).

Games typically just send keyboard input to the server, simulate the game as best they can, and receive the state of the game as it 'really' is. Just like you can't change your money on your bank account, but you can send instructions to send money (keyboard input), and your client-side app will likely immediately update your balance even if it's not fully processed yet by the server.

Beyond that, computing vectors of a few players isn't really a big deal for a server, with 20 players you're really running a relatively simple simulation without any rendering.

Data on the network is the bottleneck. And it's far more efficient to send e.g. a 'player pressed Forward' on second 0, and 'player released Forward' on second 8. That's two messages, as opposed to a 30-60 frames per second update on the player's position.

So for security and performance, it's usually not that great of an idea for clients to do all that much computing. One day we might even see rendering happen serverside, too, OnLive got it to work pretty well at low-res but it was far from optimal. (they shut down btw)

It may be more efficient. But sometimes you should not trust the client ;)

How could you do better than that?

It's a real-time game; it needs that much input data (but nothing else).

Dev here.

There are at least 12 servers at the moment, but they're divided between several regions so you're probably only seeing the IPs of the servers in your region. Each server also has several instances of the game, it creates more as demand rises. The most used resource on the servers is CPU.

Where did you find the source code? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find it!

Uh, by looking at the webpage's source code?

I wonder if modeling this as a complex system with self interested agents and randomly appearing nodes could show some interesting emergent properties. At least it would be a worthwhile simulation. Does anyone know who is the creator of this game and whether the code is open source?

A cool feature would be skirmish games: Generate a link for you to share with your friends and play together.

You could use this for generating time estimates with agile. Simply add the time you would play agar.io to each estimate.

That would really be a great feature.

A list of custom bubblies "poland;usa;china;russia;canada;australia;spain;brazil;germany;ukraine;france;sweden;north korea;south korea;japan"

Here's some more, from this pastebin: http://pastebin.com/kXQDhQEr

Also Googled and found, thanks to TJjokerR on steamcommunity forums, that the list is in "main_out.js" in the source code.

Alphabetical order: 2ch.hk, 4chan, 8ch, 9gag, argentina, australia, austria, ayy lmao, bait, bangladesh, belarus, belgium, bosnia, botswana, brazil, bulgaria, byzantium, cambodia, canada, chile, china, cia, confederate, croatia, denmark, doge, ea, earth, estonia, european union, facepunch, feminism, finland, france, german empire, germany, greece, hitler, hong kong, hungary, imperial japan, india, indiana, indonesia, iran, iraq, ireland, isis, italy, jamaica, japan, kc, kingdom of france, latvia, lithuania, luxembourg, maldivas, mars, matriarchy, mexico, moon, nasa, nazi, netherlands, nigeria, north korea, norway, origin, pakistan, patriarchy, peru, pewdiepie, piccolo, pokerface, poland, portugal, prodota, prussia, qing dynasty, quebec, reddit, romania, russia, sanik, satanist, scotland, sealand, sir, somalia, south korea, spain, stalin, steam, stussy, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, texas, thailand, tsarist russia, tumblr, turkey, ukraine, united kingdom, usa, ussr, vinesauce, wojak, yaranaika

Order in which skins were added: poland, usa, china, russia, canada, australia, spain, brazil, germany, ukraine, france, sweden, hitler, north korea, south korea, japan, united kingdom, earth, greece, latvia, lithuania, estonia, finland, norway, cia, maldivas, austria, nigeria, reddit, yaranaika, confederate, 9gag, indiana, 4chan, italy, ussr, pewdiepie, bulgaria, tumblr, 2ch.hk, hong kong, portugal, jamaica, german empire, mexico, sanik, switzerland, croatia, chile, indonesia, bangladesh, thailand, iran, iraq, peru, moon, botswana, bosnia, netherlands, european union, taiwan, pakistan, hungary, satanist, qing dynasty, nazi, matriarchy, patriarchy, feminism, ireland, texas, facepunch, prodota, cambodia, steam, piccolo, ea, india, kc, denmark, quebec, ayy lmao, sealand, bait, tsarist russia, origin, vinesauce, stalin, belgium, luxembourg, stussy, prussia, 8ch, argentina, scotland, sir, romania, belarus, wojak, isis, doge, nasa, byzantium, imperial japan, kingdom of france, somalia, turkey, mars, pokerface

P.S. This game is going to be huge!

After the MMO Asteroids incident [1], I had to switch off my network connection to reassure myself that it isn't fake.

If you're looking for a more in-depth experience, check out Osmos [2], the single-player game that probably inspired this.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=378475

[2] http://www.osmos-game.com/

It doesn't appear your [1] MMO Asteroids link is correct. It's a comment about doing Cocoa dev for 10 years

Ah. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3819638

Seems like there were no asteroids.

It was the one that 'cadab linked: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3784754

The "MMO" features were fake. All the other ships flying around were bots; the game ran locally on your computer. Disconnecting from the network broke the illusion, as the game continued to run normally.

looks like it was missing a digit. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3784754

While having a quick look at the sources, I learned about the quadtree: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadtree. agar.io is using this implementation: https://github.com/silflow/quadtree-javascript to optimize collision detection performance.

Quad trees are popular because they're fairly easy to understand and implement, but they don't actually perform that well in practice for broadphase. (Its really more for LOD)

If you want a tree that does perform well and is similarly easy to understand, a dynamic AABB tree is much better.

Good find. Another nifty JS implementation of collision detection is https://jriecken.github.io/sat-js/ - I have used that one for tricky gaming and drag&drop behaviours.

This is a really fun game. BTW you can use the space bar to shoot and divide yourself to _attack_ other cells.

Smaller cells are faster, so division will help you outrun a big attacker if you're totally cornered.

Doesn't work for me. Is there a threshold for dividing? OTOH, the game is choppy as hell for me, maybe that's the reason.

I have Vimperator for Firefox, and I had to ignore those keys (Shift + Esc) while playing in order to use the keyboard. Just FYI in case anyone else ran into the same thing.

I think you can't divide if you have 16 cells.

If you have 16 cells, your big ones can also eat the green things and grow, instead of getting split up.

Is it possible to merge back in to one? Can you 'eat' yourself?

Yes, though I'm still not sure what triggers it.

You just need to feed one of the parts to be big enough to swallow the smaller parts, and then you can remerge after you pass the threshold

I'm pretty sure it's a timer. Cells cannot merge for X seconds after splitting, but after that any two cells that have passed the threshold can be merged.

Wow, this is really fun.

Feature request:

* minimap

* visible world borders

The invisible map border are really annoying.

Useful for preying on the unaware though!

Yea they are, although I have been on the wrong end of it. :)

*it lags sometimes.

I'd like a minimap where you can see resources but not other players.

This man is right

So I've played this game a few hours yesterday, and more on the day it came out here.

I logged in this morning again for a quick game, and it appears you've considerably shrank the "worlds" into smaller spaces. The game has changed completely for me, as it's about 50/50 that I will survive the first 20 seconds. It's gotten extremely tight in there and there's no more room to maneuver. If you're a big cell, it's almost impossible to die, as there is now always a stream of little guys that get trapped, then sucked in.

I really had a lot of fun "exploring" the worlds and occasionally bumping into another cell, or just crossing paths yesterday. I could go on long chases that would last a few minutes, which was a lot of fun. As of now (I tried the 4 regions), it's basically a reflex game. Splitting in half to "attack" I think is the cornerstone of this game (if you want to get big, you have to risk a bit), but it's so crowded now that it's prohibitively expensive/risky to do so, which sucks.

A small thing to consider for user retention: if I've carefully built up my cell to a respectable size, I will try to play smart and not leave my computer, grab water, go to the washroom, because I'm invested. If I die every 3 minutes, it's easy for me to drop it, forget about it and move on. I spent 60-90 minutes in a single game yesterday, and didn't want to "lose my work", if you see what I mean.

Awesome work (I think the small upgrades on the theme, names, etc. is awesome), keep iterating - but I think I'm going to get back to productive stuff now, because the game has lost most of its appeal to me.

I was trying to think of an analogy between the game and how startups/big-companies work in real life.

Start-ups are small in size, more agile and can navigate/pivot more easily. Big companies generally take time to pivot and ignore smaller opportunities to grow unlike the small companies. They also have the potential to gobble down small companies.

I wonder what's the most appropriate analog for the spiky cells.

Spiky cells breakup the larger cells. I guess similar to the government breaking up monopolies. A bit of a stretch though.

Not sure what's going on, but on every server there are huge blobs freezing my computer, is there a bug or glitch or hack happening?

Yeah, unplayable.

Guess I'll have to get some work done today after all

Same here. Huge blobs make this game unplayable.

same here.

I was USA and I was the king of the world, until a chick from Tinder took my attention away and Tumbler ate me up :/

What exactly triggers re-absorption of your smaller cells after you divide? Sometimes a size differencr is not enough.


And I guess if you eat other player's cell, the timeout resets... not sure.

Looks like osmos


It's pretty much a multiplayer Osmos without the atmospheric music. I love it.

What is the tech stack of this game?

Dev here. Client side is javascript, no frameworks or anything. Server side is C++ with libuv for abstracting networking (I test it on windows but the actual servers are linux).

I found your inclusion of Bootstrap to be mildly amusing :)

Ops. I reused some code from another game, I forgot I had bootstrap only for that one button, lol.

I would like to know as well.

This looks like Socket.IO app.

I really admired the selflessness of "dick feed" and "A Helper Cell". In a game where it seems that only being the biggest counts, these guys were helping the biggest get bigger at their detriment. Kudos.

Or they just didn't really understand the game and loved the swallowing animation.

Nice, it reminds me of Osmos.

I'd be nice to be a parasite if you've been eaten up a lot... right about now, this game is getting just so one sided. Even with the stationary parasite you can feed to make a new one, which rarely happens... all there is just every cell is focused on eating each other.

Why can't there be more types of dangers? Like, being big or ginormous for too long would attract viruses, it could be a spawned player who will become one, and you have to divide yourself to smaller cells, so that the infection wouldn't be too quick.

There were some really fun competitive plays I saw. This is a lot of fun. In the end it was lag that killed me - high levels of interactions lead to screen freezing and then being dead after.

Had fun playing this game, keyboard navigation will be awesome though.

Well, that's far too much fun for 8:20 on a workday.

OT but how can I see what's sent in the Binary Frame when inspecting the socket in Chrome DevTools? Normally with WebSockets you see the data in clear text.

Hope this come to Steam with leaderboards and such. You could make some money as a free to play game with paid (or even custom) skins and such.

Taunts would be nice, too.

Addictive! Would be great to have some other success metrics, like oldest cell (rather than largest), or cell that has been through most splits.

Pls add skin "ХРЕНОРОГ" https://pp.vk.me/c622124/v622124852/595e/wIjZ-AmfutY.jpg https://vk.com/pony_life1488 russian group 12k people :C

Hi Can you please add skin "pikabu"? Your game is very popular among it's users. It should be a cake - like this one http://www.ipoding.ru/wp-content/gallery/reviews/pikabu-5.jp... Thanks in advance :)

I would really like to see something like 'round time' and global leaderboard.

Round time would explain blob resets for everyone, like: this round duration is 2 hours. After the round ends, player's score is then added to the global leaderboard.

Right now, I cant play because on Europe theres a HUGE russian blob that even freezes my i7 16GB RAM for being so big.

Will you be able to pay for your server costs with those tiny ads? I guess if you need to run 12 servers, you're probably seeing a huge number of ad impressions.

Either way, I think it would be cool to let people donate something like $2 to remove ads and make your cell move a bit faster.

Also, please get in touch if you want some help porting this to iOS.

Awesome game, it's the next minecraft!

People are asking you to add features to the game that make it more fun or more easy to play.

Please don't make the game easier, by adding borders/powerups/double speed/ etc.

However please do make it more fun by adding chat/inviting friends/score on leaderboard/more colors etc.

So brilliant, fun, and frustrating. Everyone seems to be Russian. Probably because I'm playing at 2:30 AM.

I would love to see this with orbital mechanics. As your mass increases, So does your gravitational pull.

Fun game, I hated the controls though.

The dev streamed the development of this game on Twitch, pretty cool to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/m280/profile/past_broadcasts

I would love to watch is, is there some copy?

Unfortunately the VODS on Twitch are deleted after 14 days, so unless he saved them somewhere they are gone. You could try sending him a message.

Thanks for waiting till Friday.

finally, something cool on hackernews.


Thank you I don't remember the last time I laughed so much.

Quick question I can not get the web browser to load. After I click what server i wan it sits at a flashing screen and does not do anything else. Any solutions?

Cool game! I like the customization and graphics, though sometimes the server glitches a bit. This reminds me of sysach.com/circle-game :)

Was loving it until I built up to a decent size then died because I accidentally moved the mouse to a screen corner that locked the screen.

Add please Pikabu.ru skin, its dat site : http://pikabu.ru/

Cool, it's quite fun to play. I wouldn't mind a short intro on how to play it besides the controls or is this intentional?

Very addictive. Love the new features. What is the max size? I seem to recall i could not get over 1863 or something like that.

Well... that was insanely fun.

Came up with a similar game a while back that also had a CTF-type element to it. Great job!

Amazing game. Can lag to death though which isn't fun.

Also are there plans to allow for choosing colors?

Why do I keep reconnecting to another room each 5 minutes ?? It's annoying as hell.

Now just add in app purchases for speed mods, mass increasers, tractor beams, etc. JK

ProTip: Eat cells smaller than half your size by splitting while chasing.

Very fun. Love getting the little ones trapped in a corner! Thank you

Not working for me. Getting Access Control Allow Origin Error.

Is it still happening?

Custom cell images for programming languages would be fun.

This has wrecked my day.

And my nerves.

How many servers does this run on? How does this scale?

18 servers at the moment. There are different realms.

Hi, if you could email me at sneakeracc@gmail.com. I have a few questions.

Hi, please add "google" skin.Thank you

Chat is a feature that would be really good.


This is what being a fish must feel like...

Reminds me of the Mortal Engines series!

How do you not get eaten by other cells

The funnest game I've ever played.

what happened to agar.io it is not up it says can not find server i am an addict to this game plz fix

This webpage is not available


That's pretty damn cool.

So cool.

hacked? some impossibly oversized circles have taken over lol

list of names that have images? are you updating with more?

Sort of works on Android. I can move the blob - but I have no space bar to hit.

add battle.net and google chrome skin pls

This is awesome


dev email me at sneakeracc@gmail.com

Hug of Death.

The first word I bumped into was an n-bomb...

chat function for leaders please


what happened to agar.io?

Well that was incredibly fun


I like how being huge vs the split strategy relates to the innovator problem

a great hit!!!



I agree with op on this one, what would we do without superior members like this which are dedicated to devoting there time to posting great content and keeping our website up to date with all the goody goods :^) due to all your efforts, dedicated attitude and peace of mind we will be rewarding you with 100 points behalf of the staff here at ycombinatar, peace fam :)

Okay ahha, great comment here, really defines what kind of community we have here on ycombinator. This really symbolizes us a group, I can tell that this individual respects the community and that he/she aaaaaaaaaaaaa

wow, i have not seen a post like this in ages, amazing that you still see people like this today, absolute hero. Mami is what symbolizes us as a website, this is more than just a comment it is a glue, binding us together as a family. I really appreciate this comment, thankyou so much for your kind words xoxo -A.E.


so much fun


XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://m.agar.io/?_=1430388662333. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://agar.io' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 520.

This is a nasty thing that's mostly the applications fault but I feel the browser could be a little more smart about it too. The issue is that CORS headers are usually set at the application level, and applications often forget to set them when catching an error.

So if for instance your page makes a CORS request and the MySql server is away. Your app framework catches the error and renders the 500 message, but it doesn't automatically set the CORS.

Now your page receives a response that just gets flat out rejected, you can't even inspect it in the network tab.

The easiest solution is probably to set the CORS headers in NGINX.

Unfortunately, nginx doesn't allow you to set custom headers for error responses by default. You need to add something like the ngx_headers_more[1] plugin for that.

[1]: http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpHeadersMoreModule

Yep, I'm getting that too. I think it got a bit too popular and the servers caught on fire.

Confirmed. Got same issues.

I'm getting tons of these: WebSocket connection to 'ws://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET main_out.js:3 socket error

Latest stable chrome on ubuntu 14.04 and I am getting same error.

Creative adblock warning: http://agar.io/blocker.png

  Science has proven: cells that block ads are less likely to survive.

So does this really mean you are at a disadvantage if you block ads? I might go comment out my hosts file to test...

No, it's just a joke.

actually you go slower I think

Matheus28 is the dev so I trust him.


Without a full description of rules and options this is incredibly frustrating and unfair to new players.

Also it freezes a lot for me. Locking the mouse would be nice.

There's such a low barrier barrier to each 'game', and zero penalty for restarting.

I like it this way. It's a nice sense of satisfaction when you figure it out how to play and the tricks.

And we wonder why we don't have more women, girls and queer folk in technology. Just plain offensive.

- edit To be clear, the ridiculous names people are using are offensive. Game was fun until the children showed up.

Not sure I agree with your characterisation of women as grave and prudish. Surely human beings of all creeds can see the funny side of being absorbed by a giant circle labeled "COCK".

Or maybe it's just me.

I think it's fucking hilarious and that people should not try their hardest to be offended at every chance.

I'm not offended but I'd like to show it to my child.

There is a settings option to choose no names. That should allow you to spare your child the vulgarities of words, He or She will still have to deal with being eaten however.


If it makes you feel any better, mine was 'FREE HUGS!'.

I'm guessing it's various adults that are preventing it from being child-friendly. Fun game though.

Everyone is having fun, and someone with victim-mentality tries to spoil it. Typical. Grow up Harriet.

and what makes you think adults don't do the same lol.

Did Tumblr leak on HN?

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