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The problem appears to be that Apple has reclassified smart watches as a "mobile platform" whereas they did not before. So suddenly having an app so much as mention a smart watch brand is tantamount to mentioning, say, Android.

The guidelines state "3.1 - Apps or metadata that mentions [sic] the name of any other mobile platform will be rejected."

The poster states the app was approved previously just fine: "SeaNav US has previously been approved by Apple with no problem, we have had Pebble support in SeaNav for nearly 2 years" The poster gives no reason to believe the metadata has changed recently to mention Pebble.

Granted this is based on one example, but it seems unfair to say this was already the policy.

Here's a second example, the official Fitbit app, which does repeatedly mention the Fitbit device in the metadata. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fitbit/id462638897?mt=8

Apple is well known for enforcing rules spottily if at all. TONS of app violate some of the rules (such as ads through push notifications).

Many of them seem to be there as justification to choose from if they see something they don't like.

Currently no Fitbit devices allow you to run apps on them, so "mobile platform" doesn't apply as it does to Pebble.

But regardless of whether it's evenly applied or not, I don't like their policy.

Actually, I cant see any place in the description that mentions that the Fitbit device is some sort of device.

Their description is extremely vague.

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