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zuckerberg doesn't have any relevant computer science or non-basic programming skills (page has ~4 years more relevant computer science background that motivated google.com algorithm), and 99.99% of people in any of these schools are not going be the next zuck or page. facebook was one of dozens of social networks that were poppping up in the 2000s, and its success had more to do with investor and hiring connections then anything special about the original product.

For both zuck and page, their uncommon technical accomplishments came from people they hired: a small army of very-well-educated engineers with traditional education.

How was Page and Brin paper on web indexing by graph connectivity received back in the days ? I get that being PhD students, paper reference numbers may be a simple thing to imagine and realize. But it was still a lot better than the technical foundation of common web search at that point. I think I remember only altavista used crawlers + index, and may not have ideas like page connectivity to sort results, while other websites being only hand collected directories.

I do agree on Zuck, and shouldn't have added him on the list. The first version of Facebook really didn't have anything special tech wise, and pretty much anyone could have done it.

Google seems much more "bleeding edge" though, and i doubt anyone not working in a university on the field could have come up with the ranking algorithm.

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