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Huh, those tests show it has 35-50, not 200ms O.o

They also mention that those tests were made in the best case scenario (disabling noise correction, etc. for the sake of speed) with the best performing mobile, and by following Google's low latency guidelines. Most Android apps don't have the first two luxuries in the general case, and (apparently) don't bother with the last one, thus the much higher latencies in practice.

If you actually read the words in the article you will see that that test was the absolute best case they could find.

I am too lazy to try to find the exact numbers and versions but back in the Android 1.x, 2.x days, the latency was in the 200 ms ballpark. So things have improved a lot since then (even though there is still a lot of ground to cover)

Even at 35-50ms latency, it's still unusable.

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