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This used to happen regularly before central locking systems. When I was a kid, buying a used car meant you didn't have central locking. I was probably 17 before my family had our first car with central locking.

Anyway, what happens there is you usually lock all doors before closing them. Then when you close them, if the key is inside, oops.

This is mitigated in slightly moderner cars by the fact that driver-side doors don't lock when they're open.

So I guess we had this beautiful period of the last 15 or 20 years where we locked our cars by pressing a button on the key. Makes it impossible to lock your keys into the car.

I wonder if we're going to decide that was better than keyless before keyless becomes widespread.

Personally, I love keyless systems. I also habitually lock my car (happens automatically now, yay!) and never take the key out of my pocket, so leaving it in the car by accident isn't an issue. Old habits die hard, though.

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