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You can also just listen to the websocket that they are using to update the button (this is without being logged in):

var buttonSocket = new WebSocket("wss://wss.redditmedia.com/thebutton?h=3b85664277e270cfd024faee2cc021a359a8af73&e=1429012932");

buttonSocket.onmessage = function (event) { console.log(event.data); }

data is just plain json in the form {"type": "ticking", "payload": {"participants_text": "715,197", "tick_mac": "e2dc885fe4836cad86f9cd7670645871e11401f4", "seconds_left": 50.0, "now_str": "2015-04-13-12-33-44"}}

That lets you know what the seconds are on the server and you can calculate your own ms (it looks like they do it client side too), just remember that timeouts are not guaranteed to fire exactly at the time you set since it's a single thread. Maybe a webworker could come in handy here but the event triggerd by a message would still be subject to delay if something else wanted to run. requestAnimationFrame is another place you could look or if you can scrape together the details you need to send the button press you could run something in node with more accurate timing.

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