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Aviator: locally launch a service and all its dependent services (clever.com)
18 points by nateleiby on April 8, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

The problem of keeping this kind of configuration up-to-date is an interesting one. I'm curious if anyone has tried encoding the local development configuration in how they run integration tests so that it never falls out of date.

> $ npm run-script dev-server

> Starting Website


I'd start with crushing the soul of whomever didnt put in quality logging (debug package). Next I'd cry about my lack of debugger knowledge for nodejs.

I wonder how Netflix addresses this- looking at their Hystrix page they have tons and tons of microservices...

(page is https://github.com/Netflix/Hystrix/wiki) <-- this is not the way they handle it, just has a good image showing how crazy the number of microservices they handle is

This seems like a useful tool for managing a complex service configuration problem. Nice work.

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