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Deliv (https://deliv.co) | full time | Menlo Park, CA

Software Engineer, Full Stack

Apply Here: http://www.jobflo.com/jobs/Deliv/2072360

Deliv is a crowdsourced, same day delivery service that extends the reach of national retailers and helps them enhance their customer experience by giving customers the choice to receive their items whenever and wherever they want. Deliv allows retailers to offer their customers a same day delivery option as they shop from their website, mobile app or from their physical brick and mortar store. By simply adding the Deliv same day delivery option into their existing checkout process, the retailer preserves the customer shopping experience, fulfills orders from inventory from their local brick and mortar stores all while maintaining ownership and data from each customer transaction. Deliv has partnered with many national and regional retailers, as well as the nation's four largest mall operators, who manage nearly 800 malls across the country. We’re a team of passionate startup veterans, backed by top-tier venture firms, and we’re looking to grow our engineering team.

Our stack includes (Rails, Javascript, Angular, iOS, Android, and Python). We've got lots of interesting challenges on the horizon and need talented engineers of all experience levels to tackle them.

Apply Here: http://www.jobflo.com/jobs/Deliv/2072360

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