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Transmogrify - http://xmog.com - Philadelphia, PA Suburbs

We’re a software shop located in the heart of Conshohocken, just a 5-minute walk from the R6 line. The team is a tight-knit blend of designers and developers and we are on the lookout for more engineering talent. If you have experience with these technologies, we’d like to talk to you! Email jobs@xmog.com and let us know you found us via Hacker News.

Preferred skillset:

  * Modern Server-side Java (Jetty, Jersey, Guice, Guava, …)
  * Client-side JS (Angular, React, Backbone, …)
  * RDBMS/SQL experience (Postgres, Oracle, …)
  * Android
  * Ability to work effectively on a team and collaborate with designers
  * A sharp eye for detail (you’re the kind of person who worries about error handling and edge cases!)

  * iOS (Objective-C, Swift a plus)
  * Server-side JS (Node, io.js, …)
  * NoSQL (Cassandra, …)
  * DevOps chops (AWS, …)
  * Any other interesting software experience

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