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SUSE Linux - https://www.suse.com/company/careers/

79 open positions, mostly Nuremberg, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic. Company helps with VISA process and relocation.

I hope our products don't need any special introduction for HN readers.

In Engineering we mostly need QA engineers, Linux kernel developers and cloud specialists.

There are also quite some Sales and management positions, scattered all around the globe.

Hi, I applied for Linux Kernel developers jobs some months ago, and have never gotten any response from Suse. Am I doing something wrong? I applied using the job platform in the Suse web site. By the way, does any position accept working remotely?


Hello, rapphil.

Can you please send me some details to kpimenov@suse.com?

I'm an engineer here, not HR, but let's at least find out what went wrong in your case.

Hi. I've sent you an e-mail, can you confirm that you received it? Regards,

Hi. Yes, I've received and forwarded your email; hope it won't get lost this time.

There are some positions listed as remote such as:

SUSE Cloud Developer (2014431) remote, , Germany

Does this mean it's remote but only for people living in Germany?

It means remote or Germany. Whether a candidate is hired remotely depends a lot on the candidate, the timezone, his experience, and the position itself.

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