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Here's an interesting example of a problem with a logic programming technique:


If my link epic fails its "Representing Game Dialogue as Expressions in First-Order Logic" by Kaylen FJ Wheeler

Something like using clojure core.logic which is a minikanen which is prolog to implement video game dialogue programatically. Its a one line summary of 100 pages so take with grain of salt.

I have no connection with this topic other than skimming the paper when I went thru a phase after reading the most recent 7 languages in 7 weeks book and googling for minikanren applications and generally fooling around with the topic. There may or may not be better example, but it is at least "an" example.

NLP is old territory for AI and lisp and the like. Whats interesting about this specific part of NLP is limiting the territory and "guiding" it to fit a gaming requirement and integrating the conversation with game plot, more or less.

As another example, I thought for a bit about some kind of prolog reasoning engine to help with some ETL stuff I do and got pretty much nowhere, although it also is a limited area of NLP type stuff. There probably is some way to apply it... somehow. There should be a way to semi-intelligently read engineering data formatted in vague and confusing ways then reason about how to correctly import it.

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