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Full Stack Developer | Toronto, Canada | Cossette


The Full Stack Developer will build incredible digital experiences for our clients, leveraging current and emerging technologies to bring those experiences to desktops, devices and displays. This role will report into to the Director of Strategic Technology.

Required Experience:

• Comfortable with HTML, JavaScript and CSS and have experience with some modern web frameworks. (Whether its Rails, Grails, Sails, Angular, Express or Hapi; the most important thing is that you love what you do, you test what you do, and you do it well)

• Experience with relational databases like MySQL or Postgres, and NoSQL databases like Mongo or Cassandra.

• Experience integrating with third-party APIs, systems and developing RESTful services

• Version control and issue tracking (We use GitHub)

• Experience working closely with creative teams and a believer in the Art/Copy/Code model

• Able to produce rapid prototypes, proof of concepts and production ready applications equally well

• Experience with continuous deployment, cloud based environments and general DevOps tools is a definite plus

• Mobile development experience or an interest in mobile development is a plus


• A GitHub account with some code in it

• Some URL’s or Apps we can see

Email: joe.dee@cossette.com

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