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Feynman, Challenger Disaster, and Software Engineering (duartes.org)
67 points by teeja on Nov 1, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

We suck because we constantly ignore well-established, well-known, empirically proven practices.

And we ignore them because we are in such a hurry to release anything that is "good enough". (But then again, a social website != space shuttle software.)

I forget where I read this quote, but here it is paraphrased: "Whereas in Physics people stand on the shoulders of giants, in Computer Science people stand on each other's toes."

fun fact about the challenger disaster. letting it launch at all was clearly an infovis fail, as tufte explains:


(i guess a lot went wrong)

Excellent Article. Thought I am very skeptical about its relevance to SWE, the report however is worth a read.

Feynman's report comments briefly on the software, but it is much more relevant as a way of thinking about engineering in general.

best piece i ve' read all day.

Read more.

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