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GemShare just announced today that they are joining NextDoor to build out the recommendation system.

From their email this morning:

In pursuit of our mission--to build the absolute best way for you to find recommendations for trusted local services--our team has joined forces with the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor. We are wildly thrilled about this and hope you will be, too.

So you may be wondering…..

Why is this good for me? You will get an even more robust and well-supported way to give and get local recommendations. By combining our GemShare expertise with Nextdoor’s team of over 100 super-smart people, all deeply committed to building the most useful local platform ever, we are building you something amazing--and not just on iOS.

What should I do next? If you are not already a member of Nextdoor, we hope you will join up and give it a spin (over 35% of US neighborhoods already have!). You’ll be able to use it for everything from sharing neighborhood recommendations and events, to posting classifieds, to keeping your neighborhood safe and sound.

What will happen to GemShare? GemShare will continue operating for the next little while as Nextdoor works on developing its recommendations capabilities. When we feel the time is right, we will offer you the option of moving your Gems to Nextdoor so that you can continue accessing them after we transition GemShare.

So what are you waiting for :-)

Click here to check out Nextdoor

Thank you all for the beautiful recommendations you have shared with each other using GemShare. It has been heartwarming and delightful to hear the many stories of people finding the perfect piano teacher, handyman, tailor, and so much more.

If you have any questions, please drop us a line.

Warmly and with gratitude, Maryam and Claudine

P.S. Here see these lovely examples of how people around the country are using Nextdoor to build vibrant, helpful neighborhoods every day.

EDIT: not sure why this was downvoted. The article refers to NextDoor's strategy being to build a local trusted recommendation system, and they just bought GemShare (a trusted recommendation system) to help with this.

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