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Hey, thanks for the well thought out comment, the price point is for a certain group who wants total peace of mind not only in terms of internet speed etc.

http://nomadforum.io/ has some pretty diverse people, i'd ask people there, maybe someone knows someone who knows the perfect website-less place.

I think this might appeal to first time nomads.

I haven't found living life as a digital nomad too challenging. The biggest hurdle is just meeting cool people you want to spend time with, but that works out as long as you go out enough, or are in a city that has an active developer community (like Tokyo, my current haunt).

But I realize people doing it for the first time might seem intimidated, so they might be willing to pay extra for that 'peace of mind.'

I think that forum is also owned by someone on your team. Not that I mind, and it looks like it has value, but might want to gives the heads up for a product plug.

Hi, sorry for the non-disclosure: Pieter is part of the external advisory team, so mentioning him feels like mentioning other nomad* startups and it's definitely a good go to source.

Personally still not finding the price justifiable. I'm in the same boat as archagon. To make this worthwhile, at least to a wider audience - you may have luck at your current point, I'd suggest amentities such as: Laundry, buffet or chef (Either on a cheap meal plan, pay as you go, or included), transportation services to local hubs, and group activities as a few ideas.

Thanks for the link! I'll definitely look into that. $1600 is actually pretty good for the "whole package", especially if it's in a cheaper country. I'd definitely consider it as a place to rest my weary feet for a few months (or... a year, or whatever the minimum lease is), especially if the house is really nice and has a good gender balance.

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