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Stripe is hiring for developer support. Part-time and remote (US times) welcome
1026 days ago | hide
Developer Support at Stripe is full service. We are persistent at solving problems for engineers from a multitude of backgrounds. We interact with users through email, IRC, and face-to-face, teaching them the primitives powering our APIs and guiding them to a complete integration, built specifically for their needs. Having worked with a bunch of programming languages and services, we understand the fundamentals of programming incredibly well and eagerly jump into others' code no matter how unfamiliar things seem at first glance.

While we'd love to work with people based in San Francisco or taking this on full-time, we're also looking for remote or part-time positions. We view part-time as a particularly good opportunity to work with great developers who are passionate about helping people while still having the time and flexibility to work on their other projects.

If you enjoy hacking on code and are a fast researcher, strong writer, and enthusiastic about helping others build mission-critical products with Stripe, we want to talk -- send an email to jobs+developer-support@stripe.com. Please include pointers to projects of which you are particularly proud, links to technical posts you've written, your GitHub username, and any other background you think would be relevant.

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