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Still, even within type there's great variance. Coke and Pepsi are both colas, but whereas in the US they taste fairly similar, they're very different here in Australia (our coke is like mexican coke, made with sugar instead of HFCS). The inconvenience of being exposed to branding is overshadowed by the inconvenience of accidentally selecting a product you know you don't like.

Simple advertising like branding on the product itself isn't the problem, anyway. It's usually not intrusive nor irrelevant to what you're doing. If you're looking at the bottle, chances are that you want to do something with it. It's not like you're driving down the road and the bottle forces itself into view like a billboard. It would be better if this form of adblocking could somehow detect if the branding was actually attached to the product and let that through, since it does double duty as branding and identification.

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