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Sailor – A Lua MVC framework (sailorproject.org)
90 points by taziden on Nov 29, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

Since Lua is Portuguese for "moon", is this a Sailor Moon reference?

Yes! Thanks for noticing! And the blog app example is called Tuxedo!

I noticed those release names, too! Made my day.

One is glad to be of service! :D

This totally went over my head and I am so glad you pointed it out. I now want to use it just because of that

Hahaha cool! Thanks, go ahead!

Nice to see a larger framework that works with ngx_lua/openresty.

Thanks! Integration with openresty was a contribution by Felipe Daragon! :D

This is very cool. I love Lua, though my experience with it is limited to the few weeks I spent playing around with it as a Source engine scripting language in Half-Life 2: Sandbox. Still, it was very fun to learn, and I think this is an interesting application outside of its usual game scripting territory that I'd love to try out sometime. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Viewing this on Chrome on Android. Being built with bootstrap, it's a bit surprising that the responsiveness of the site is so poor. Screenshot:


Sailor's website does not use the bootstrap feature. To be honest I just picked a random nice-looking open template. It has its issues but it's not that bad! XD I confess I gotta work on that. Thanks for pointing it out!

Proud to see this kind of project coming from a Brazilian university. Congratulations !

You do know that Lua was developed at a Brazilian university (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)?

Thanks! As an undergrad, I'm specially happy!

There are a lot of really nice Lua frameworks recently. Lapis is really cool too:


Yes! Orbit is very cool too even though it's not updated often. I'm really glad to see such a variety of projects in Lua community!

There seems to be a trend. It's really nice, because just about everything has a Lua interface these days and you can make nice applications in it. Like Lua works embedded in databases like Redis or web servers like nginx or operating system kernels, like NetBSD. And it's really simple to learn and really performant, especially with LuaJIT.

I always feel like it is showing off with simplicity, while still being a "normal" language the majority of people easily can get into quickly. I always like the give the example of my brother finishing games with love2d (basically just wrapping SDL, especially back then) in a matter of days, without prior programming knowledge (unless you call basic HTML and CSS programming, no JS).

Out of curiosity: How did you start out with Lua?

I study at PUC-Rio where it was created. So I thought it was a matter of honor to try to learn it! xD Sailor was my first experience with it.

I am surprised you are not using OpenResty, like Lapis.

We do have OpenResty support. But sailor doesn't work just with it. It also works on Apache, Xavante (a lua written server) and Mongoose (a very lightweight server)

Good. I missed reading it when I posted. Thanks for the info!

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