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The country next to Germany, Austria, has to pay to both the allied forces and soviets (russia) for WW 1 & WW 2: much of the former land mass that formed Austria (it's now tiny), a lot of money, gold, natural ressources (like rare earth and food to the soviets) and as usual after wars they captured and removed all valuable technology. The allied bombed many cities and railway stations and 10% didn't exploded and many are still in the ground (the chemical ignotion mechanism is still active and several bombs detonate each year).

Is your comment supposed to make someone feel sorry about a country that helped start wars that led to tens of millions of lost lives and devastated much of the continent for decades?

I'm British and live in Germany. My grandparents and my wife's grandparents fought on different sides of WWII. In WWI my grandfather won the Military Medal (the highest possible recognition for a non-commisioned soldier) aged 19.

My children have dual nationality. Let's apportion your Nazi blame on them shall we?

Attitudes like yours solve nothing.

The country did not start the war, people did. People who are not here anymore. And yet we make the people of today and tomorrow pay for what the people of yesterday did. That's ludicrous.

It would be rather silly to feel sorry for a country, but why not feel sorry for the people living there? After all Hitler was elected in 1933, which means that anybody who was below 30 when the peace was made couldn't be considered guilty, and Hitler only got 30ish percent anyway.

Unless you want to go the collective guilt or blood guilt route.

As your comment would suggest, we then _shouldn't_ sympathise with a country because of their history. After all, we can safely assume that everyone in that the country in question is an evil person looking to go start wars.

WW1 was supposedly started by assassination of some Austrian aristocrat, which doesn't look like "Austria helping start a war" in this case. Although I admit that I know relatively little about history and maybe there some other reasons I'm not aware of.

But even then, Austro-Hungary was an empire before WW1 and was left in more or less its current borders afterwards (like 1/10th of what it was before? I'm guessing here, but I remember it was a huge difference on the maps). I'd say that's enough of a reparations for any state.

Technicalities about "helping" start either war aside (I'll let someone else more knowledgable in this area argue that), yes I do feel sorry for them, it's just basic human empathy.

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