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having mixed feelings, on one hand I'm super happy that Firebase has grown to where it is now, the product has always been awesome and with Google I can only see it getting even better (Especially after seeing its Angular binding, and how Angular features Firebase as its default backend). On the other hand, I've loved how Firebase as a small team, always stays close with their users, listen to feedback from them and provide a lot of help and guidance. I often think of Firebase team members as friends and teachers. I don't know if they will be able to stay this way after joining such a big firm like Google :'(

We still love our amazing community and don't have any plans to change this. We'll work hard to stay accessible and active.

You may have no plans to change. But Google may have different plans down the road. Their track record speaks for itself.

Regardless congrats and best of luck!

Google's track record of interacting directly with developers is really good: public issue trackers, public mailing lists, monitored Stack Overflow tags... What track record are you speaking of? What could devrel be doing better?

Disclaimer: Engineer on Cloud SQL team

Sorry I meant shuttering down various sites after buying them. Not talking about support.

Agreed -- I've always been very impressed by the Firebase team's responsiveness/helpfulness, especially on stackoverflow.

At the same time, I can't wait to see what the future of AngularFire holds!

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