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It's fine that you don't agree with our tastes, but it would be nice if you could stop coming into every Go thread and being condescending about it.

Like PostgreSQL and OpenBSD, I've been permanently turned off Rust because I never want to be left at the mercy of a community that invests so much time in harassing and insulting others.

We have rules against harassing and insulting others in the Rust community, and pjmlp does not speak for us.

Look, we gotta keep busy while waiting for the rustc build to finish. :(

Please tell me where you've been harrassed and insulted by the Postgres community? Sometimes people come into the IRC channel and say something that doesn't make sense and are told it doesn't make sense, and sometimes those people get very upset, but I wouldn't classify that as harrassment. And that's basically the strongest reaction you'll ever get from anyone in the community.

Any active comments thread related to MySQL attracts a derailing holier-than-thou invasion telling us how dumb we are for not using PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL's advocates haven't quite reached the arrogance level of Oracle DBAs, granted, but they're a lot more active.

I basically stopped using (public) IRC somewhere around 2000. I have little idea what goes on in PostgreSQL's IRC channel(s). I expect it's toxic, but I'd expect that for any project's IRC presence. Public IRC is an inherently toxic medium.

That doesn't sound like anyone I know of who actually works on PostgreSQL, and certainly not anyone I'd consider part of the PostgreSQL "community." The mailing lists, IRC channel and other forms of community communication are much more hostile to Oracle than any other RDBMS, and anyone who tries to start a flamewar there (particularly one about MySQL) is instantly shut down. I'm really sorry that you've been turned off from great technology by the actions of some overzealous Postgres users.

Except, I also talk good about Go in what concerns using it to replace C, specially in possible uses for real systems programming in a GC enabled language.

After all, when compared with the first Oberon version, Go only needs a few more primitives in runtime and unsafe, Kernel and SYSTEM in Oberon respectively.

This is what attracted me to the language in first place.

even if I think it's horribly naive if not flat out erroneous, I can see how someone could feel that way about OpenBSD...but Postgres?!

who is harassing or insulting anyone in the Postgres world?!?!

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