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Thought Vista had a lot of versions? Check out Windows Server 2008. (microsoft.com)
6 points by nickb on Nov 15, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

What's so confusing about this? Their target is not your father and mother. It's for companies and people that know which one to buy.

I like their pricing for Windows Web Server 2008 -> $469.

Pretty good for startup if you choose ASP.NET.

I prefer the pricing for Linux actually -> $0.

If you're unfamiliar with linux, then it costs $0 only if your time is worthless. Plus, there isn't a good ASP.NET implementation for linux. Mono's attempt is imperfect.

There's a good ASP.Net implementation _anywhere_?

You're right, of course. Really, if it would cost a person only a few hours to switch to linux, or a couple of minutes of productivity per day, it wouldn't be worth it.

But there's the possibility that someone would gain productivity by using linux.

It IS confusing, but it's confusing on purpose. It's meant to convey complexity and seriousness. Look at all the parts and functions -- you'll need to talk to an experienced sales rep and follow up with some service engagements from our consultants.

AKA: $$$$$$

Holy crap!

Try Windows Server 2008 XLT, now with 20% more server goodness. If you like that, you'll love Server 2008 XLT-VX with all the server goodies you've come to love and 10% more virtualization!

Act now, supplies are limited.

Woow... they want my real dollars for vritual instances of Windows Server. Wouldn't virtual dollars be more fair?

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