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Show HN: A Grunt workflow for designing and testing HTML emails (github.com/leemunroe)
66 points by fonziguy on May 19, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

I really like the simplicity of the 'How it works' section and I will probably steal the concept for explaining parts of our build to new employees.

Are you open to pull requests? I forked this and added a couple of things that I'd be happy to contribute back to:

  -- Less support
  -- added a Gemfile to bundle install the ruby requirements
  -- added an npm preinstall task to run bundle install
I tested and it's working locally

This is pretty cool; we've put a lot of work into sendwithus to solve many of these same problems (inline css at send time, staging versions of templates, and multiple types of api keys).

Kudos for having a README that actually makes sense.

See also: grunt-email-boilerplate [1]

[1] https://github.com/dwightjack/grunt-email-boilerplate

+1 for the simplicity of the workflow. I got it running within a few minutes.

Hm, wanted to try this out but the Ruby dependency is discouraging -.-

Using the premailer gem for inlining CSS. Agreed would be nice not to have that dependency. Played with other solutions but couldn't find one as good.

Isn't Ruby a dependency for Sass in general? Don't think that's a function of this grunt task.

Yep. It probably wouldn't be hard to modify this workflow to use Less or Stylus instead so that you don't need Ruby.

Might be able to use the Sassc - https://github.com/hcatlin/sassc lib too. There are several wrappers for it too, like this one for node https://github.com/andrew/node-sass

I just submitted a pr for less support, it will still require ruby as the premailer gem is still used to send the email out.

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