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I agree. Sometimes, the frustration also builds up if someone is witnessing a trend of nonsense, and he reads yet another thing following that trend, which triggers the writing of a rant.

That said, it's funny that most these rants aren't ad hominem, unlike some of the "formatted" vitriol which attacks you without really seeming to do so.

Someone should watch EEVBLOG on Youtube, Dave Jones does reviews and teardowns of electronics.

There was a rant over PICKit3 where he voiced his frustrations with the new device (that wasn't better than the old one, and took out nice features, replaced things that worked perfectly with things that were sort of dumb) which triggered Microchip to answer with a funny video their own.

Your tale about the boy ... Arrrghh ! I don't want to go off topic, but man, I think nothing gets diluted more than values each year.. Well, except shares of a startup once VC's get in.

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