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Help Me Out

If you happen to live in Ottawa or Toronto, I’m trying to downsize some of my possessions, by trading them for anything really (Canadian dollars, Bitcoin, Dogegoin or a chat over coffee). I’m updating my list – http://eswat.ca/dpac/ – of stuff I want to get rid of weekly.

Let Me Know How I Can Help

Have or know an open-source, web-related project that could use some UI help? I can take a look and see what I can contribute.

Hey, this is great. I'm doing the same thing. A lot of stuff: DVDs, books, musical instruments, gadgets and stuff. :)

Can I use your design on my site? I already copied it. :P

Yup, feel free! It’s actually using the Do What The Fuck You Want To License ;)


IMO a grid of smaller images with some mouseover popup or something with a large image and description would work far better than this.

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