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If I were going with a cynical thought, I would think this is a move to get dropbox into government contracts somehow.

Agreed. With Condi comes access to all sorts of government entities, and the contacts to make those entities work in favor of whatever Dropbox needs them for.

This appointment smacks of the corporate-political complex. It's practically inevitable that USG resources will be used in favor of Dropbox's business at some point.

I agree, that's probably what's going here.

But the thing is, a lot of this stuff works quid pro quo. What might happen is, USG will pay Dropbox a nice penny to use some of its service... aaaaaand in exchange they also set up a deal to snoop on Dropbox users.

Dropbox has such a security non-policy that there is no need to sign any deals.

The worst part of this, for me, is how damn inefficient Dropbox becomes when it's used in a large environment. I pray the government isn't saddled with the same problems I'm facing.

(user management, share management, every user having permission to duplicate or destroy all files they can read, inability of admins to fix those changes, no API access for any administrative or reporting feature, inability to control own encryption)

Kind of like Al Gore on Apple's board?

God am I ever a cynic. The first thing I thought of immediately was government tampering and the NSA, and that was my only and immediate thought.

With my tinfoil hat securely fastened, who wants to hazard a guess that this is just a 'distraction' to the Heartbleed news that the NSA could've exploited for their own nefarious means?

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