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Many people would see this as a good thing.

It's just a big site run by some American company. Amazingly, there are other ways to communicate.

Turks doesn't have fanaticism towards domestic good. It's a central communication channel that is known to run by people who seems to be fair, them being American is obviously not relevant to them.

I agree. My post was rather tongue-in-cheek actually.

Call me cynical, but it just sometimes strikes me as odd how so many people around the world now rely on a company designed to make money by selling your information to communicate with the rest of the world. Especially in today's post-Snowden-revelations world. It's 'free', but that's how you 'pay'.

It turns out it's a simple DNS block which setting to Google's DNS is fixing for people.

Maybe there are local social networks favoured by those in Turkey, but if they are blocked what are the chances the rest of the world hears about it or cares?


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