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Emacs is Sexy (emacs.sexy)
95 points by jambo on March 12, 2014 | hide | past | favorite | 90 comments

Apropos nothing, WASD bindings for the snake game:

  (eval-after-load "snake"
       (define-key snake-mode-map "w" 'snake-move-up)
       (define-key snake-mode-map "a" 'snake-move-left)
       (define-key snake-mode-map "s" 'snake-move-down)
       (define-key snake-mode-map "d" 'snake-move-right)))

See also: http://vim.sexy/ (if that's your thing)

I'm friends with the person who made emacs.sexy, and that no doubt was an influence. He loves emacs & wants to share it with the world (while vim.sexy clearly has a big element of parody to it).

I'd forgotten about the awesome tron legacy article he linked until I saw this.

"Dudebro startups like yours get shit from angry feminists all the time. Using Vim will put a stop to that. Vim donates money to children living in Uganda. You'll look so accepting and humanitarian just by using Vim ... Don't get me wrong: I know you don't actually care about human rights and social issues. All that matters is that you look like you care."

Suddenly, the snark appears!

lol. Although I am an emacs user I signed up for early access invite for vim after visiting the website. Can't wait to try it out.

According to Wikipedia :

A sexual fetish may be regarded as an enhancing element to a romantic/sexual relationship [...] or as a mental disorder/disorder of sexual preference if it causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental effects on important areas of their life.

Just sayin' ...

I had no idea ".sexy" was actually a real TLD. Huh.

I'm intrigued. How can vim and emacs share the same tld?

They're new! Also .jewelery, .tips, .technology, .cab, many others.


As there is zero real use for these TLDs, I'd be very pleased if Google and other software makers penalize them. If we're just going to do away with TLDs, might as well do it right and just open up a simple global registry so anyone can register ".<whatever>" -- versus blessing a few silly strings (.christmas, .bargains... .museum .aero).

Wrong. Saves time. Gets rid of silly names and allows small businesses to have good tlds. Like Manhattan.bike, which a friend of mine bought for his bike store.

I'm not sure how "Manhattan.bike" is any better than ManhattanBike.com. Or Bike.nyc. Or any other possible similar combination. It's like people think they're gonna bring the Real Name dream back to life.

If they allowed that, would they still be charging the [0] $185,000 per ".<whatever>" gTLD like they did with the current rounds?

[0] http://www.icann.org/en/about/financials/proposed-opplan-bud...

Right, so it's not much more than a racket, is it?


Someone should make a video of two strangers using emacs for the first time.

Three people three editors, emacs. vim and ed.

If you are going to include ed then why not TECO? (NB Purely for potential entertainment value)


Because ed is the standard text editor.

I have yet to see a sexy Emacs. I've found sexy looking vim terminals. But Emacs is just weird

You can basically make emacs look however you want, including stuff like vim's powerline. http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/PowerLine

There isn't much to a good looking editor. For me, it's choose a decent font and a color scheme and I am done.

Emacs: http://i.imgur.com/NBZJSd6.png

Vim: http://i.imgur.com/LnnVUQe.png

It's not weird, it's kinky!

Not sure about sexy, but you can definitely make emacs easier on the eyes than its default Xt-in-1994 style:


Mind sharing some config details? Does that minimap work in the terminal?

My config is the repo vdm linked. Minimap "works" in that it can be opened, but terminals don't allow for variable font sizes or images, so it is significantly less useful.

What font is that?

DejaVu Sans Mono: http://dejavu-fonts.org/

(Full hinting, greyscale AA)

So hot!.

> I have yet to see a sexy Emacs.

(shameless plug)

You can add a nyan cat, if that is your thing.


I've started my emacs config from scratch a few months ago to understand it better. Right now it is ~160 lines (not including the plugins).

Plugins have been added for Markdown mode, go mode, ESS (for R and Julia) and Jabber for chat.

If anyone is interested: emacs config file: https://github.com/pavanky/conf/blob/master/emacs

Run this script to download and install the plguins: https://github.com/pavanky/conf/blob/master/emacs_plugins

You should split it in several files!

Try out emacs, but naked: http://bzg.fr/emacs-strip-tease.html (safe for work)

Tangentially related, but definitely related:


All those nice places I can't afford to go...

...and he stares at a computer screen!

Haha I own that website. I made it as a gag for the IRC channel I go on.

I'm supprised how well my server is handling the strain.

My poor neck. The GNU-project really should get to work on creating software capable of rotating images. Hopefully we will get to it just as soon as the Hurd is finished.

They should be properly rotated now. Like I mentioned I never expected anyone but a few people to see it

This one still need some work: https://rms.sexy/img/p1000542.jpg


RMS -vs- Doctor, on the evils of Natalism: http://www.art.net/~hopkins/Don/text/rms-vs-doctor.html

Ha! "Hundreds of thousands of babies are born every day. While the whole phenomenon is menacing, one of them by itself is not newsworthy." I wish Stallman were a more negative person, he's a hell of a lot funnier when he's being scathing.

Deldo - Vibration Control and Teledildonics Mode for Emacs: "I LOVE EMACS!"


For those wishing to dive into emacs with a limited learning curve while keeping the config in their control, I think I have a good starting point here: https://github.com/pyr/dot.emacs

As soon as I saw that the sexy gTLD was out I tried to get is.sexy. That would have been awesome but there's a minimum 3 character restriction.

try was


You win.

There is almost nothing valuable on this web page.

How would the people who have used both compare Emacs with Notepad++? I find Notepad++ beautiful, if not sexy :).

Forget the fact that you can check your email, browse the internet, run a shell from inside email. In Notepad++ you need to take your hands off the main keyboard and use the arrow keys if you want to move around. In emacs you use C-n C-p C-b C-f. That is enough reason to not use Notepad++

Not that I don't take my hands of the keyboard, but what do you really NEED to use the mouse for? You can use the KB to hit any item in the menus, there are tons of shortcuts, and the point and click menus are mostly related to configuration and settings, though those are technically mostly accessible via KB too.

I personally use Sublime Text when I'm not using VS2013/R# these days though.

Really? You'd use multiple key combination to navigate instead of a simple arrow key? Strange. So if you have to move forward by many points do you keep pressing both c and f keys? I find that an uncomfortable key combination ...

And why would you want to check email and browse internet in a Text Editor? Funny.

I've used both. Notepad++ doesn't give you twisted willow-like hands like emacs and all the meta key love.

I'm now recovering using vim and have a big pinky for escape usage.

inoremap jj <esc> is what you need. Allows one to double press j to enter normal mode instead of reaching for the Esc key.

Interesting! Will try that - thanks :)

believe it or not, 'jk' is actually faster as you don't wait for the 'j' key to travel back up. You get so used to it though, you get upset when it's not there by default. I find it's one of the first things I do when I open vim on another machine.

How did I not know about the .sexy tld? Is this recent?

What else is around that's cool?

Go to namecheap, click on "new TLDs" they're rolling out every week.

ot: now we see the great fruits of the iana going completely berserk. nobody fucking needs such tld. it doesn't help anybody but only makes money for some.

Where is the problem? Does the tld somehow interfere with you?

everyone who posts in this thread is a total nerd. ohwait...

This is factually untrue.

Speak for yourself dude. emacs has gotten me laid.

Since I'm an adult, I' wont reply to this by saying: "emacs has more likely fucked you over."

OS X is on the other hand sexy, since you can build emacs-keybindings into the OS and every app that uses the Cocoa Text System, you can even get an "extra clipboard" with the kill-ring.

As for programming, when it is more convenient with an editor as the "control-center" for the endeavour, or real small things that makes a simple editor feasible, then I must say I prefer Vim.

It doesn't count when you fuck emacs. No matter how many .el files are involved, there has to be another human participating for it to count.

Um. It counts. There are elisp packages specifically for this after all. Other humans can even participate via the networked paired programming packages.

Can your editor do this? HMMM?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1sXuHnf_lo http://www.github.com/qdot/deldo

I stand corrected...I think. :-)

get over emacs. either vim or sublime

Guys, you really have a problem if you find a piece of software sexy... I absolutely love software, software development, and everything about it, but WOMEN are sexy, NOT software! Please don't degrade women with phrases like this!

If you mean it using the literal definition of sexy then yes. That might be an issue. But I don't think they mean literally sexy (as in sexually attractive). Haven't you or a(nother) guy/person call a car sexy or something? Seems the same to me.

I obviously would'nt call anything else sexy but a women.

Are you a native English speaker? I remember being shocked when I learned that in English "sexy" has a popular meaning outside of sexual context. While I wouldn't use a (translation of) sexy in my native language in this context it seems that it's perfectly acceptable in English.

That's actually what's hard when learning foreign languages - words which are similar to the ones you know, but with different semantics. It's even harder when the language you're learning is relatively similar to yours - it was a bigger problem for me to learn Russian than English for this reason.

No, I'm not, and WOW, I didn't knew about that, I'm somewhat shocked also! :D I hit the dictionary and found that this word is also used for something "exciting". We never-ever use it in this context, there is no such thing in Hungarian language that anything else than woman or men is "sexy".

That's why I read HN, to learn every day, thank you!

p.s. It still feel strange to me naming a women and also a text editor sexy, so I will never use it, but now I understand, it might not be that stupid than I thought. :)

Men can be sexy too.


If you feel the need to tell other people what they can and can't find sexy, then you're the one with a problem.

Lisp gave me so many nerdgasms that calling an elisp based system/editor sexy is not very far fetched.

I'm going to assume that this is parody? Poe's law and all. I know folks of various genders who love & find emacs sexy.

No, this is my honest opinion: if you find software sexy, you have a sirious problem. You should interact with people MUCH more.

The word 'sexy' in this context has nothing to do with sexuality.

A definition of 'sexy' from Google:

  (informal) exciting; appealing.

  "I've climbed most of the really sexy west coast mountains"

  synonyms: exciting, stimulating, interesting, appealing, intriguing, slick, red-hot

I didn't knew about this, thanks!

Sorry, I got locked out of HN by NOPROCRAST shortly after you posted. Sorry I misread you. Cheers.

Call me crass, but when I'm in the functional mood, emacs puts out... er, outputs... and I don't even have to worry about side effects.

Wait... that might have been contradictory.

its obviously not meant in the sexual attraction way, duh.

This reaction came from my ignorance... Thank you for the enlightenment klibertp and dag11! Sorry if somebody felt offended by this!

Emacs is sexy, smart, complex, kind, and he give me good fights and funny moments some times. Is the only man i ever need. And i love cheating my boyfriend with it! :p.

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