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Ask HN: What's the largest website hosted on Digital Ocean?
45 points by mattwritescode on Mar 7, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments
I was wondering what is the largest website you know of being hosted on digital ocean?

I am wondering if it is just small websites which use it or whether larger sites are making real use of the service.

If you count sub-domains on Alexa top domains here's a few big companies in there like iStockPhoto and Debenhams -

We've got some historical stats for them here but we only started tracking in January -


Not sure if this is of any interest but this is where they are getting new customers from (from most to least)


SSL provider getssl.me is also hosted on Digital Ocean.

I don't know the largest, but definitely it can handle large systems. A recent website I deployed (afrigatenews.net) is getting around 400K hits / month I have also other 3 website ranging from 50k - 500k+ hits a month.

I highly recommend the SSD power especially for mysql and redis performance. I just wish they will allow separate disk scaling and add a bit more CPU power.

> I highly recommend the SSD power especially for mysql and redis performance.

If SSD is giving you added performance with redis, you're using redis wrong.

I feel the SSD power is the least captivating feature of them. Just 20 GB of SSD power isn't enough for most production uses. Their main selling point is that they're cheap and you can spend just $5 for a decent server that does tasks like crawling, sending the data to another server that stores it.

jsFiddle is the biggest according to myip.ms


would this list include sites that use services like Cloudflare? Client IPs would differ, making it difficult to trace back to the ISP

I don't think that such list could contain websites under reverse proxies.

Ah thats quite a cool website.

http://www.beyonce.com http://getflywheel.com/

are 2 big sites (in terms of traffice) which are hosted on DigitalOcean, afaik.

From the recent article related to DO's $37.2M funding [1]

“Flywheel built an entire WordPress hosting service on top of our cloud,” Uretsky said. “They are running over a thousand droplets for their users. The integration is so tight that customers can’t tell that we’re running the service.”

Another example, Beyoncé launched her new album in December. It turns out that Beyonce.com runs on DigitalOcean. The servers handled the album launch without breaking a sweat.

“We’ve seen 15 million visitors within the first 24 hours. She’s been pretty happy with the service,” Uretsky said.


Beyonce website is really cool!

What made you ask the question? I've never heard of Digital Ocean before, what's different about them?

Digital ocean are a hosting platform. They came into the spot light a year or two ago as offering cheap VPS hosting.

They also give you the standard setup images, scaling, etc.

I asked the question as i was on there website earlier and I had seen the counter with the number of nodes setup so far; and thought I wonder what the largest site is on there.

They are also on the front of hacker news today as they have just completed a new funding round https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7353868

Oh and forgot they also only offer SSD disks.

Re SSD disks, as someone who's using both Digital Ocean and Ramnode: For PostgreSQL on smallish data sets (5GB) doing Sphinx reindexes every few minutes Digital Ocean's I/O performance is much lower than Ramnode's KVM SSD instances. Disk benchmarks on the two gave me 5-10x in Ramnode's favor on small instances. Digital Ocean is still pretty decent for a budget provider and Ramnode has all the standard issues of a smaller hoster (and all the advantages), but if I/O performance is critical to you it might be worth taking into account. DO is much slicker, though.

Stick around HN a while and you will hear about all the major VPS providers and learn about both the good and bad experiences people have had with ______ provider

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