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Not just on their Ipods either. You also get a goofy cable on their macbooks and on the shuffle headphones. And now they cut the firewire from the macbook line (I think the mackbook pro still has it). One hand gives and the other takes.

All MacBooks have Firewire. Not really an issue though, Firewire isn't exactly standard on consumer level laptops.

Except for the 15" Macbook Pro, the only MBP that anyone actually would want to buy. ;)

The 15" MacBook Pro has Firewire.

Every current Macbook Pro has Firewire, according to http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/specs.html

The white ones always had Firewire 400 too (http://www.apple.com/macbook/specs.html). There was a brief period when the 15 inch Macbook (later renamed Pro) had no Firewire.

The Air, predictably, doesn't have Firewire. It barely has USB...

Oops... Jstevens85 got it right. It was the 13 inch that had no FireWire before being renamed a "pro".

Yeah, I got mixed up. The Macbook (not pro) is lacking firewire, right? And the 15" MacbookPro lost expresscard.

All Apple laptops (except the Air) have Firewire. The 13" Macbook was briefly without Firewire, but that was reinstated at WWDC.

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