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Show HN: Sublimall, SublimeText synchronized (sublimall.org)
108 points by Socketubs on Feb 15, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 58 comments

There's a simple, free, realtime method (doesn't require me to "retrieve" anything, updates all computers instantly). In Linux you can just use some cloud syncing service (Dropbox in this example) and do the following:

  $ cd ~/.config
  $ mv sublime-text-3 ~/Dropbox
  $ ln -s ~/Dropbox/sublime-text-3
Then on any other computers you want synced just symlink the same directory. Voila!

Please see https://sublime.wbond.net/docs/syncing about how you should tweak this if you are using more than one platform.

Yep, I do the same with 2, with Dropbox I can any device and it has the same workspace automagically and I can pickup where I left off.

Also has the added bonus of having "scratch" files.

Please be aware, using this across platforms can lead to broken packages. Please see https://sublime.wbond.net/docs/syncing for details.

Socketubs - you'll need to include my name in the license file since you are using code from Package Control. https://github.com/socketubs/Sublimall/blob/master/sublimall....

Yes of course! I'll add you very soon in License file.

And thanks for your great Package Control :-)

Your confirmation email was sent to my spam folder.

Here's some things you can do to make your email look less like spam:

1.) Use Sublimall in the from field (never leave the from field blank).

2.) Include a physical address for your company somewhere in the message body.

3.) Use better english and include an explanation of what this email is, what triggered it, instructions to ignore the email if the recipient didn't request it.

It's more likely improper DNS settings. Possibly sending from a server not listed in the MX record and not explicitly allowed by an SPF TXT.


MX Settings OK, SPF not OK.

A physical address and unsubscribe instructions are actually required by US CAN-SPAM law.

Also if you only send html email, adding plaintext version might help.

Same thing happened to me

I've had success syncing my SublimeText config across machines using homesick (https://github.com/technicalpickles/homesick), but this looks pretty slick.

One issue with syncing configs using either method right now is that certain keyboard shortcuts don't make sense across OS types, and your font size may not work well at different monitor resolutions (especially retina vs non-retina). See http://www.sublimetext.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5135 for related discussion. If you could incorporate per-OS/machine config overrides into this it would be very handy.

you can define the settings in os-specific settings files in ST already

Do you have plans to charge? If not, how can we expect this service to stick around?

Looks like we will get the server sourcecode at some point.

> Sublimall is an opensource, server and plugin.

The client source is already out:

[1] https://github.com/socketubs/sublimall/tree/master

Yes server source code is coming.


I want a clean and fully tested code before giving it to you. If I see many people interested in source code, I'll maybe release it quicker.

I don't know, I want to see before if there is an interest in Sublimall.

The most important thing to provide a long life to Sublimall is to have some contributors.

Plugin source code is on Github.


Thank you for testing!

This is great! As far as I can tell by reading the source code, it encrypts everything locally before uploading it, and the server does not have the encryption key. Is this right OP? If it is, I think you should make more emphasis about it in the project's home.


Server side can't read your configuration because all your data are encrypted locally by 7zip. It's mean that you are the only one who know your pass phrase, nobody can't read it. This is an important thing, cause we all have api key, password, sftp connection, things like that in our SublimeText configuration, and it must be private.

Yep, that why I was asking. Also telling the users that if they loose their encryption passphrase they loose their data would be cool.

Its in documentation :)


Neat idea. I already sync using Dropbox, so what advantages does Sublimall have over that method?

Sublimall doesn't require third party software. It's open source and respect privacy. It's integrated in SublimeText.

Thank you for testing!

How is Sublimall not third party software?

I go one step further and sync the entire Sublime Text 3 user directory on OS X.

mv ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3 /path/to/cloud

ln -s /path/to/cloud/Sublime\ Text\ 3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 3

If you are using more than one platform, this can lead to bugs with packages. See https://sublime.wbond.net/docs/syncing for more info.

Same here. What feature would make me want to switch?

that fact that you can login/logout with super+shift+p and load the settings instantly to change between workflows or to do some quick changes on your friends laptop

Pretty much this. Dropbox works well enough, but this is just a gradual step forward that makes all the difference in my opinion.

Looks like a cool project, OP. Good work!

Maybe put a link to your Github repository on the homepage? :-)

Done. Thanks! :)

Wow! Clean idea. I used to do most of the configuration file sync via Dropbox.

That's what I do. what made you stop?

Can't find plugin on package index. https://sublime.wbond.net/search/sublimall

Is anything wrong with it right now?

I'll look into this. I think it is an unfortunate side effect of how english word stemming works. The "all" suffix is trimmed off of Sublimall and it is treated like the root to the word Sublime.

I'm planning on adding some checks for exact package names and making sure an exact match is always first rather than just relying on the fulltext stemming of PostgreSQL.

WBond search engine is just not very good.


For the people recommending symlinking to a Dropbox folder, see https://github.com/lra/mackup

What's the advantage of this over a dotfiles Git repo?

I just symlink to a dropbox folder (or whatever your preference of service)

Save's the hassle of adding/pulling

Or setting up and keeping a server running.

Just put your sublime config in your dotfiles config?

Will this work for syncing configuration between two computers running different OSes (Ubuntu and Windows)?

Yes of course! This is already working.

Registrations was close because of storage. But it's now re-open for 1k registrations.

I use bittorrent sync to keep sublime text synced across my machines, works amazingly well.

I have the 7za binary specified but I get a 7zip not found error (OS X, p7zip from brew)

Can you run:

which 7za

In your terminal and give me return ?

which 7za returns "/usr/local/bin/7za" - I get the same error with "7za_path" set to this or ""

Exactly the same problem for me. I'm getting:

"Sublimall need 7zip to archive and encrypt your configuration. Install it."

On Win7 I just added 7-zip path to the Win PATH. And it's working

Exactly the same here.

I was hoping this would be a GoogleDocs-y add-on for SublimeText.

You might be interested in Floobits[0], a real-time code collaboration tool, which also supports Sublime.

[0]: https://floobits.com/

Server upgraded. Registrations are now re-open!

Registrations are now re-open!

why are registrations running out in the first place?

And they're not working now either, I guess maybe they ran out again?

Mainly because of storage. I've to regulate it.

But it's now re-open!

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