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Light Table 0.6.2 released (github.com)
61 points by y0ghur7_xxx on Jan 24, 2014 | hide | past | web | favorite | 17 comments

As others have pointed out, the 6.2 release is a tiny bug fix, and even 6.1 is a modest update since LT went open source.

The real story about Light Table since then is the growth of available plugins. Most look like early efforts, but the promise is there. There are early plugins for F#, Ruby, OCaml, Haskell, and others. There's even a plugin to play othello in the editor. https://github.com/eriksvedang/othello/

0.6.1 included a big enhancement for Light Table plugin developers - accurate source maps. You can set breakpoints, inspect the stack, etc :)

We humans have no idea what you mean by that! Can you translate that to Emacs speak?

Light Table and its plugins are written in ClojureScript which is compiled to JavaScript. Source maps allow you to pleasantly debug the original ClojureScript instead of the generated JS.

Wait? What? Really? How? I have not seen this.

This would help me because I don't understand jet what to pass in and return from a OM function :)

The command "dev-inspector" will open the Chromium Developer console.

Any idea if there's a plugin for evaling pre-processed languages like Haml, Sass or CoffeeScript?

And is there a good place to find a list of plugins? I've tried googling for them but I feel like there are probably plugins I'd use that I wouldn't think to google for.

If you run the `Plugin manager` command inside LT you can search for and install plugins directly.

Full changelog:


    FIX: styling bug that caused light themes to be unusable
Names do bring you on the front page, however minor the message might be.

> Names do bring you on the front page, however minor the message might be.

That is just a quick fix for 0.6.1.

0.6.2 was released about 2 hours after 0.6.1.


Looking forward to 0.6.3!!!

Even the 0.6.1 changelog is hardly noteworthy.

Looks like a substantial number of upvoters didn't read TFA at all [1]. I wonder what the front page would look like if only upvotes that happened after clicking the link would be counted.

[1]: Or they are all LT users with light themes. Don't really believe that though.

That would be a really good feature, HN has gone quite clutter the past year.

Posting too often makes projects look desperate.

fwiw, none of us posted this and I'm not sure why it ended up here.

Why are these posts not moderated out?

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