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SmeelBe 1377 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite

So far this discussion appears to be mostly shill posts. Maybe I am just imagining it.

Anyway. For a bigger library of real-world photographs in which to place your screenshot, I would recommend http://placeit.net.

Quick first impressions: Cutting edge designs nicely implemented, but personally I find these style of websites a bit annoying to navigate. Not their fault though. Web design is all about trends and this framework is certainly riding on the latest.

Also, I liked this little gem: "This is a probably the best plans ever born"

Is there a formal name for the "long-scrolling page" trend? I agree that they are not the easiest to navigate and hope the trend ends soon--I prefer a bit more structured information. However, I guess long-form sales letters are proven to work and this trend builds upon that concept.

If it's for sales it's typically referred to as a "squeeze page", if not the only other term I've heard used is "single page site".

Here, on GitHub, you can download framework for your startup.

Live demo of samples: http://designmodo.github.io/startup-demo/framework/samples/s... http://designmodo.github.io/startup-demo/framework/samples/s...

Live website created with this framework: http://hipstafood.com/

What do you think?

Hey, have you tried paid version too? http://designmodo.com/startup/

obvious shill post

Nope, only free. Paid version looks nice too.

Why is there not a "flag post" button?

This is pretty clearly spam.

very cool! thanks so much for this!

Thanks !

nice work! i think this is certainly helpful for founders that are just looking to validate their ideas without spending big bucks.

That's true...

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