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Niice.co - a search engine with taste (niice.co)
19 points by itamarb 1354 days ago | hide | past | web | 9 comments | favorite

A search engine for hipsters?

Also: http://niice.co/?search=hackers

It looks pretty nice. I think that "taste" is a very subjective word but I get it. Maybe it is just not for everyone but a lot of people might find it useful. Congrats!

The title says taste, but the search bar actually instructs to search for inspiration.

I think it's search engine for sites but it's just not working. It can't even find link to main page of wikipedia and that is bad. It not even looks nice.

It says "Search for Inspiration".

This blog explains its purpose: http://blog.niice.co/2013/02/introducing-niice-a-search-engi...

According to that blog it searches on "multiple hand-picked sources (Behance & Dribbble for now)".

Try searching by colour http://niice.co/?search=%23f00+%23000

I love this "no results" page


Used this a good bit over the past year. It's really good for finding some inspiration from better sources than Google Images.

So is this a search engine for images or...?

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