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Links 2013 (worrydream.com)
116 points by nardi 1354 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

Don't miss the fractal ants at the bottom! A wonderful visual analogy that shows Bret practices the ideas he's encountering in this research.

I started taking research notes this year in a similar way to the linked article: a document of quotes from books and blogs clipped with my comments. It is sort of magical the result, you reveal big ideas that talk to each other across the divisions of books. You can see it on this site, it really seems the ideas fit together into parts of a coherent overall image.

One difference in my method to Bret's is that I print my notes and put them in a binder. The physical result seems to make the ideas "more real" than when they are buried in text files.

Highly recommend this practice. Everyone has their own big ideas,perhaps only sub consciously voiced and this sort of activity helps bring them to life.

Thanks for the great link!

I appreciate that the level of detail makes this list something to bookmark and revisit a few times. Huge fan of Bret!

Fogus did a similar list of his 2013 bests : http://blog.fogus.me/2013/12/27/the-best-things-and-stuff-of...

Two books on the way down to my Kindle and three more on my wish queue. Fine taste.

Truly... this was some fine shit.


I found it really confusing, because it looked (superficially) like facebook but wasn't.

Fills my head with awe. Best thing on HN since ever.

Haven't found many books that piqued my interest, but I must say this web page is so simple and beautifully designed. Well done.

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