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I recently discovered the "speak, don't write" rule while finishing my thesis and I it has done wonders for me. I had written all the technical parts of the thesis but had writers' block writing the introduction. How could you possibly summarize 200pp of formulas and equations in a few paragraphs? I kept writing attempts-at-paragraphs then editing each sentence until the paragraph was a lifeless, unconnected jumble of ideas and facts.

At some point I was so tired that I went for a walk and recorder myself explaining the intro and, lo and behold, it came out good. After that I acted as my own secretary and transcribed it and I was done!

For those who want to try this, I recommend you have a little plan before yous start writing so you can have a high level structure in mind about what you want to say:

    point-form plan  --->  speak it ---> transcribe --> final edits

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