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new.ycombinator RSS feed
6 points by bkmrkr on Mar 28, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Does anyone else wish new.ycobminator came with an rss feed?

[shameless plug]

To get updates on startups from the YC feed (and other like-minded sites), you can subscribe to this feed: http://www.seeksift.com/xml/6u106Rn2Hm/rss.xml and if you want to change the list of sites it uses to aggregate & filter content, you can do that via this link: http://seeksift.com/asp?act=edit-sources&id=6u106Rn2Hm

[/shameless plug]

Disclosure: my company, a micro software firm in NYC, developed SeekSift.

Isn't it at the bottom of the page? RSS | Bookmarklet | Feature Requests | Y Combinator | Apply | Library


Huh, so it is, but why no auto discovery? Paulgraham.com is also oddly lacking in the RSS department.

But the existing RSS feed only gives the headlines ...

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