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Have you noticed a decline related to the rise of AdBlock (and related)?

Good question. I don't have a good ad stats program right now, and I charge a flat rate for banner ads on my site, so the honest answer is...I haven't checked!

My ad service provider is going out of business on 12/31, so over the next few weeks I'll pick a different ad software program and/or ad service provider, and I'll then be able to track stats better.

Interesting question. I read her post, checked out the blog, disabled Adblock but still didn't see any ads. So I disabled Ghostery as well and finally saw the source of her income. My initial thought was "who the hell clicks these ads?". I suppose the target group isn't people like me who use extensions Adblock and Ghostery. And people like me are (and probably most of you) - at least for now - a pretty small group among web users.

you don't have to click the ads to mean something. every time you see an ad you're most likely getting cookie retargeted as well, meaning the advertizers now can uniquely identify you across the internet. The next time you purchase something related to an ad you saw half way across the internet, she gets paid for showing you the ad.

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