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Hey HN, check out my new site, notoair.com - let me know what you think (notoair.com)
2 points by sinvertical on July 3, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I like the simple and clean layout of your site, but would really like to see a bit more either with screenshots or demo video.

Your description leaves lots of questions. You say it's an 'application and service', does that mean it requires a download? Is it open to the public? or do you set-up groups, etc.

These are some of the questions I'd like to have answered before signing-up. At the moment, I'm not sure how I'd use the service.

I believe you've don a big 'no-no' with respect to including users e-mail addresses in the url. I gave you an e-mail address that I don't use, so don't care, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to do that, you should encode it with a secret key, or use user-id's.

Now that i've signed in, I have absolutely no idea what to do. How do I create a new entry? How do I invite people? Can I only have one 'main' page and I have to edit that?

I can't say I have a real need for a product like this, but my gut instinct tells me that if I did have a need, I would want to create and share multiple documents with different people.

What are you doing that I can't do with shared documents on services like Google Docs?

I really appreciate the feedback! I am trying to get together a screencast, but have been working on the code right now. I did overlook the email address issue and really intend to just use a username and not an email address.

To answer some of your other questions, the main page is your "start" page that you can edit and and then add links to new pages in the same way that you do on a wiki; the link will link to a blank page until you edit it.

The concept is that you can store the pages and make them public if you want to share.

I agree there is still more polish that I can and will add, and I'll fix the email address issue!

Are you going for something like a simpler to use evernote? I'm still not getting exactly what it is that is supposed to be shared.

Yeah, I would say its something a lot like the new Google Wave that they announced a while back. NotoAir is note-taking software first and a collaboration tool second. First, you use NotoAir to take notes, stuff for like classes, etc. Then, if the note isn't personal you can make it public. So if I where taking a note for a class... I wouldn't have any good reason to keep that only to myself - so I could let other people see my notes. The application (the Air app) started as a simple html/wiki based note taking application that I decided to see if I could turn into an service and maybe eventually a product.

I could not agree more with the above post. Really well put.

I think a video tour or screen cast, if done right, would answer a lot of these questions.

At first I ignored your post since I wasn't in the mood to read any rants (I parsed the domain name as "no-to-air"). Then I took a look after reading some of the HN comments.

As far as your actual service is concerned, I don't know why I would want this. It would be helpful to know what you're providing that I can't already get from other more established services.

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