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Do not use Amazon chat support. This just happened to me. (docs.google.com)
12 points by xbuzz on Dec 2, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 20 comments

This isn't exactly fair. You flew off the handle when somebody took longer than they should have and started swearing at them. You should have asked much earlier to speak to someone else or simply started from scratch.

I understand that you're probably worried about your account but this is no way to treat customer service representatives, or anybody for that matter. Next time, take a minute to calm down and think carefully about what you want to get out of the chat, then try with a different person. Even Amazon isn't infallible when it comes to customer service.

I can understand his exasperation. The responses he was getting from the Amazon employee were unacceptable. They didn't even try to understand his problem, or even his name and gender. They're better off with no support than this crap.

I can also understand the way he feels but this is no way to deal with it.

Sorry, she came out as an inexperienced (perhaps first days on the job?) tech support person, and you came out as a royal dick.

You could ask to talk to someone else before, in the first case of incompetence.

Or you could easily hang up, and try again, which would have given you another support person to talk to.

My takeaway here is to reflect on how I would have responded to this service incident had it happened to me in person vs. online. I know I would be much less likely to yell and swear in person and I definitely wouldn't wait an hour before asking politely to be assisted by someone else.

Every time I've used Amazon chat support I've had a great experience. I'm pretty sure everyone has had one bad support experience with a company regardless of whether it was chat, phone, or in-person.

How do we know this actually happened?

How do we know anything actually happens?

We see it with our own eyes or are given proof of it. A one sided rant is not "proof".

But how do we know we're not dreaming? How can we be sure reality is... real?

Why do you have to? In either case, the story will or will not be consistent, which is all that matters?

Welcome to 24/7 customer service - a sales rep handling multiple chat sessions and failing to context switch between them.

Surely Amazon doesn't employ staff that can only use the shift key when caps lock is on? And what is with the habitual ".."? I can't imagine that any review of the chat logs of this person would call them acceptable - it looks like you're talking to the most vacant of teenagers.

FYI, any dots in your gmail address are immaterial, so you didn't need to have this conversation in the first place. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/10313?hl=en

That's true on Google's end. Is it true on Amazon's end? Do they view johndoe@gmail.com and john.doe@gmail.com as separate email addresses?

This is technical support bliss compared to the 8 or 9 occasions I have had to deal with Adobe support.

Adobe still owe me around £30 (for reactivating a deactivated subscription and charging me), but I dread another 90 minute support call dealing with them...

I totally understand why you started 'screaming' at him. This guy is the cliche of why people hate tech-support. I was just waiting for him to 'accidentally' delete your account.

Wish the transcript had timestamps. After each message from the rep took anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. Total conversation was just shy of an hour. I tried to remain calm for a while but this was just nuts.

Step 1: Register therealctwilliXXXXX@gmail.com Step 2: Have amazon AND google delete ctwilliXXXXX@gmail.com Step 3: Post customer support chat transcripts Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit

How the heck did she get hired? Interestingly, there were no canned responses like you usually see from Tech Support. I wonder if this is Amazon trial'ing something new?

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