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This article is amazing, the way I interpreted it. Going through each screen, I kept thinking to myself, "oh boy, here's another FxOS hater who just doesn't get it". Then, at the end, the catharsis:

"To be honest I think the box achieves the goal. I do not expect FxOS to be complete. I expect it to have room for improvement and to be welcoming of my contributions. That is what FxOS needs right now, the luxury boxes can come later."

Amen. Well-written, and I hope you enjoy your new FxOS :)

I just wish Firefox OS would focus on constructing a system that counters all the other devices that are essentially nothing more than tracking devices for corporations and governments....to a degree that negates anything that any other society has had to deal with in the past. You think {pick your favorite flavor of totalitarianism, authoritarianism, or monarchy} was bad? At least in the past you had a slight chance to move around anonymously. Today it is impossible without an organized network of people willing to risk their lives and livelihood. For all intents and purposes it is impossible to move anonymously anymore, and even if you want to make the case that it is still possible....it will not in short order.

It's pretty hard to get rid of tracking completely:

* You probably want to use a mobile network (like GSM) for phone calls and data. As long as you're booked into the network, the carrier knows (approximately) where you are.

* If you use Wifi, you can be tracked by your MAC address

To just reduce the amount of tracking by companies (not governments) a little bit, it would help to use distributed services like XMPP instead of Whatsapp and Facebook. Then you could choose service providers that you trust, or host your own server, and still have interoperability with other people. Because businesses like lock-in, this will probably not happen for the majority of people.

> * If you use Wifi, you can be tracked by your MAC address

There is a startup that does exactly this - track MAC addresses of cell phones in stores, and then resell that data to store owners, so they can track who comes into their stores: http://www.getnomi.com/

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